It's Just A Ride

Let go. Live. Love. And for fecks sake laugh as much as you can.

It's all a ride and if you dont believe me then listen to Mr. Hicks. He wasnt just funny, he was also damn brilliant.

And **** you if you dont agree.

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Can I have the next dance, please, Ediez? x

of course!

*dances with you seductively*

great stuff, love Bill Hicks ... genius

OMG i know!!!!

Love what he had to say about religion ... died much too young! :(

=( he did indeed. i still cant believe it

ahhh thank you Imp! mwah!

lol it got taken down by CBS and Fox and bunch of other random corprate dicks. they took down the smoking one as well.<br />
<br />
i think its time for this <br />
<br />

wtf? where's my videooooooooooooo?


I can't see the vid! *Sulks*!

Let's GO ON A the LIQUOR STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
*GRABS ediezzz****



*tackles* yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Nice! Ain't seen this in a minute!

yup, same day. Did you take it from me? or is the universal mind being sneaky?

wow! Seriously? I got this Video from Imp and loved it so i posted it.

weiiird. Ya, I saw this a long time ago but I think it's important for everyone to watch and think about it. So I posted it. ... same day as you. *mind blown*

I posted this same video recently :P might have even been the same day. *goes to check*

*takes acid*

lets all take some acid!

Damn straight... Yummy!

I wouldn't recommend drinking it sweetie. that's a one way ticket. A little goes a long way :D

Been a while but what the hell.

Yippee! :)

We can't get it anymore! Not that I personally partake, but does anyone know why it's no longer available in the UK?

It's never overly easy to get... If only. ;)

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That's good. I will have to remember that.

we all tend to forget. But its ok, we got others to remind us &lt;3

Love him!!! Funny and insightful!!! Fukk yeah!

looooove him tooooooooo!

Dance with me Ediez!!!<br />
<br />

lol *spins you*

Weeeeeee! Ok stop. I'm getting dizzy.