This Bish Speaks The Truth

Just sayin................

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nice thoughts

This reminds me of... no wait. =p


Im so happy I married a nice Russian boy. I get free buffalo wings every week! :D

oh jeebus! i need me one of those!

I want to marry Jenna Marbles!<br />
Mmmm.&nbsp;<br />
<br />
Anyway... On Tuesday coming (15th May) my boyfriend & I will be together for fifteen years. We're very happy. It's all cutesy & whatnot.<br />
But there's no way... Hang on just a sec!&nbsp;*scampers up onto the roof to yell at the sky* there's NO WAY there'll be any of that marriage malarkey for us!<br />
Nu uh. No Siree!<br />
<br />
Marriage is so disposable these days. The attitude going in is if it doesn't work you can always divorce. So what's the point?&nbsp;<br />
<br />
The very idea has me checking for the exits. *shudders*