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B!tch I'm laughing. You said pregnant. Is this what all the fuss is about?

lol yes

so, when are you due?

*glares*..............*****, am i fat?

no... it's the jeans. Do they fit?


don't be such a hot-head Latina. C'mere and give papi a hug...

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okay, I see. LOL

Is he all black? You're not scared? hahahaha Eat your F***in sandwich *****!


Is that your bf?..............that fool


not evens! NOT EVENS!!!!

"you nasty *****, you nasty watch" lmfao

Notice the song playing in the background? Lowrider

cant.stop.laughing. omg......."*****, do i look fat?"

you didn't tell me you posted this! haha obviously you thought it was funny. Remember to give credit to your funny friend in Washington. There's Cervesa.

okay, who is this ediezlush that posted my video? lol Hi ediez! :)

hi Tallmama!!!! OMG i looooove this video!

omg, our hairdresser told me about it, I used to teach high school hispanic girls just like this. Now whenever I get mad and say "WTF?!" I automatically start laughing! I watch this video almost every day. It never gets old!! The gal that showed me the video, today is her birthday and I told her happy birthday dumb ***** hahaha

LMAO im hispanic and trust me i do talk like that (only to my best friend tho). Its hilarious. Oh mannnnn! Im still giggling.

that's awesome. Yeah, the kids I taught were troubled kids so yeah. Glad you love it. :)

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Not evens!!!!

"might as well not even have a door!" LMAO

yes, yes i do lol i cant stop laughing "***** im pregnant"


jeebus this gave me the giggles

But do you say them Ediez? ^.^