thank you guys that have well, peed yourself at the thought of me being gone. And thank you anonymous poster that was sooooooooo happy that i was suspended.

Now on to business (before i get to bed to sleep for my actual job):

Ahem, Arsi, i cant very well take down the stories you want me to take down if i cant find them. But, I edited that one story. Thank you Arsi. ALL HAIL ARSI!!!! .......... Yes, im being serious. go off and send her roses.
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Was this the story you wanted me to read?

lmao nooooooooo wtf?! not this one- my last one

Whadtt?!? No movie??? I'm soooo :'( dizzapointed...

im sorryyyyyyyyyyy

Like the sunrise each morn, you can be counted on to make up for it over and again. (Oy moyt not be da most talented babe in uppah Noo Yawk, bud oy'm an expoit at pickin' poifickt goilfrenz!)

... what happened? o_0 I stay off EP for a week and people try and kick out my fiancee? *angry glare*<br />
<br />
*unsheathes her trusty sword to rescue fiancee*<br />
<br />
*remembers said fiancee is a kickass lady who can defend herself and puts trusty sword away*<br />
<br />
*serious face* Seriously, WTF happened???

i was accused of cyber bullying or something

*rolls eyes* I'm glad it got sorted out. And stop bullying people. lol

i wasnt!

wtf!!! I was only just getting started with the free the ep1 campaign *thinks where the rage will focus now* oh yeah, him :)..... glad ya back.

I so did not pee myself.....<br />
<br />
( you said you would not tell anyone!! Pfft!!!)

i just peed a bit reading that

Funny, I wonder if the ones who took joy in you getting suspended might now be chastised by the Admins. For those are the ones who are the cause of said drama.....

you must get the reward for being the ultimate EP drama queen

yes, yes i should

Maj? Would you be her drama king?

Maj is taken


but if you need a pimp...

*blinks* Maj...... dont start

Keith can always say few nice words about certain circles

You leave Keith out of this! D:

One doesn't simply avoid omnipresent Keith

back off my man

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Oh for the record I didn't pee myself... I grabbed my crotch and screamed like mikey j...and I am on the record about this...


I want proof of the crotch grab. And, if you need help with the crotch grab, just let me know.

I've been practicing it... I'm getting really good... but, I can't seem to manage the nip slip... mikey j is the best teacher!

Are you eating crow too?

i have no choice. ...........

Well, I did it too... I apologized to grim... it has been flagged into that triangle...I don't know why...