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These Matches Are Disappointing Me!

And so ...........i was all mad at men right? cause i hate them at this point...... well, i dont hate them but, just dislike most people strongly. ESPECIALLY my neighbor that is interrupting my movie brain storming night with his disgusting display of butt hurtness with continuous playing of the same fecking, "i wanna cut my wrists" spanish song over and over again.

And then i get some random text from Le Bastage about him wanting to marry me and then i ....... yeah, melt for a bit.

ok- here's Jeanne

Figured i should feature this story since some "men" are accusing me of being a man hater. I'll give u a reason to post about me you little fukktard manchild. Get over your mommy issues! And if you think THIS is about you then it probably is!
Carry on now
EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz 31-35, F 71 Responses Jun 16, 2012

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But you don't hate men.

.i dont hate anyone.


I forgot to rate this up when it was written. Donde esta el bastage?

.El Bastage is sleeping

Aye. <<< says Everything really... :)

Did I remember to smile? ( big toothy grin) .... ( digs spinach out of teeth)


There is no hope. It's die time.


After I wake up.. a guy still needs his morning coffee.

*waits patiently*

Well, not only that. But he reported his own plot to kill me, to me. Why would he do that? He's dead now, anyway.


<3 u bbz


Also. Examine everything on this page carefully.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Something is badly wrong with this man.

he intends on killing you. seems normal

Oh, I don't know. If you study psychology most of these are actually quite reasonable. The weirdest one I've found is the fetish to want to murder somebody to rape their corpse, but not actually a necrophiliac. The idea of murdering somebody to rape the body turns them on, but not raping the body. So they just kill them, **** their pants, then leave them untouched.

now thats odd

Well, isn't that a strange fetish.

not as strange as others.

Of course. But I look delicious.

lets pour some gravy on you

The stuff I was bringing home.<br />
<br />
You know you love me really.

well, i thought that was obvious

Because if you leave your boxes at the station you don't really get them home, so the point of bringing a box home is kind of defeated.

funny guy. what was in said boxes?

Just looking delicious as usual. Although my arms are f­ucked. Was carrying heavy boxes back from the train station yesterday.

why is that?

Well. This account is my main one. When this gets blocked I retreat to ZhouGongjin or another.

genius. hows things on your end?

I. Look. Delicious.

all these accounts are confusing. you always look delish but stop chewing on your arm. its unsightly

I look delicious.

I return with my unlocked account.

Alright. Well. It's officially my birthday. Whoopie fuc­king doo.

Well, this happened in the February of this year;<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
But then this happened in the December of last year;<br />
<br />

lmao i recall this

I just realised something.

whats that?

Seems to be a cool enough guy.

oh indeed

Yeah. So. My home is on the news again.<br />
<br />

oh dear

Isn't that nice. Perhaps if I bleed I shall slurp it up while thinking of you.<br />
<br />
You earned that.

&lt;3 how sweet of you

Then it will be a fun new experience considering I have never passed out in my life.

awesome. let me know how it goes. i hope you dont hit your head too hard. well, actually i do =P

Or I could have a frosty glass of 'man-the-f­uck-up' and carry on as usual.

Or that but, what if you pass out from not being able to breathe?

N­igga did I just catch you bein' online? *distinct lack of slap*

yes, you better go to the doctor. i dunno, it sounds a bit serious. =/ *slaps*

Nerp. It's not that hot, really. The hottest day forecast is only 68F. Besides, I had an unfortunately illness earlier this week that lasted 3 days, couldn't really breathe, and kept running out of breath when performing simple tasks like walking to the shops. It seems to be a more severe relapse of that at the moment. If it is not better by Monday I shall likely visit the doctor.

It is unknown to me. I feel completely out of sync. My head feels dizzy and disorientated, my chest feels blocked and tight, my abdomen feels achy, my arms and legs are tingly and shaky.

=/ could it be the heat? are you dehydrated?!

Well. Things. I have only been awake from 2PM to 6PM today. I am unfortunately sick.

whats wrong?