These Matches Are Disappointing Me!

And so ...........i was all mad at men right? cause i hate them at this point...... well, i dont hate them but, just dislike most people strongly. ESPECIALLY my neighbor that is interrupting my movie brain storming night with his disgusting display of butt hurtness with continuous playing of the same fecking, "i wanna cut my wrists" spanish song over and over again.

And then i get some random text from Le Bastage about him wanting to marry me and then i ....... yeah, melt for a bit.

ok- here's Jeanne

Figured i should feature this story since some "men" are accusing me of being a man hater. I'll give u a reason to post about me you little fukktard manchild. Get over your mommy issues! And if you think THIS is about you then it probably is!
Carry on now
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But you don't hate men.

.i dont hate anyone.


I forgot to rate this up when it was written. Donde esta el bastage?

.El Bastage is sleeping

Aye. <<< says Everything really... :)

Did I remember to smile? ( big toothy grin) .... ( digs spinach out of teeth)


There is no hope. It's die time.


After I wake up.. a guy still needs his morning coffee.

*waits patiently*

Well, not only that. But he reported his own plot to kill me, to me. Why would he do that? He's dead now, anyway.


<3 u bbz


Also. Examine everything on this page carefully.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Something is badly wrong with this man.

he intends on killing you. seems normal

Oh, I don't know. If you study psychology most of these are actually quite reasonable. The weirdest one I've found is the fetish to want to murder somebody to rape their corpse, but not actually a necrophiliac. The idea of murdering somebody to rape the body turns them on, but not raping the body. So they just kill them, **** their pants, then leave them untouched.

now thats odd

Well, isn't that a strange fetish.

not as strange as others.

Of course. But I look delicious.

lets pour some gravy on you

The stuff I was bringing home.<br />
<br />
You know you love me really.

well, i thought that was obvious

Because if you leave your boxes at the station you don't really get them home, so the point of bringing a box home is kind of defeated.

funny guy. what was in said boxes?

Just looking delicious as usual. Although my arms are f­ucked. Was carrying heavy boxes back from the train station yesterday.

why is that?

Well. This account is my main one. When this gets blocked I retreat to ZhouGongjin or another.

genius. hows things on your end?

I. Look. Delicious.

all these accounts are confusing. you always look delish but stop chewing on your arm. its unsightly

I look delicious.

I return with my unlocked account.

Alright. Well. It's officially my birthday. Whoopie fuc­king doo.

Well, this happened in the February of this year;<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
But then this happened in the December of last year;<br />
<br />

lmao i recall this

I just realised something.

whats that?

Seems to be a cool enough guy.

oh indeed

Yeah. So. My home is on the news again.<br />
<br />

oh dear

Isn't that nice. Perhaps if I bleed I shall slurp it up while thinking of you.<br />
<br />
You earned that.

&lt;3 how sweet of you

Then it will be a fun new experience considering I have never passed out in my life.

awesome. let me know how it goes. i hope you dont hit your head too hard. well, actually i do =P

Or I could have a frosty glass of 'man-the-f­uck-up' and carry on as usual.

Or that but, what if you pass out from not being able to breathe?

N­igga did I just catch you bein' online? *distinct lack of slap*

yes, you better go to the doctor. i dunno, it sounds a bit serious. =/ *slaps*

Nerp. It's not that hot, really. The hottest day forecast is only 68F. Besides, I had an unfortunately illness earlier this week that lasted 3 days, couldn't really breathe, and kept running out of breath when performing simple tasks like walking to the shops. It seems to be a more severe relapse of that at the moment. If it is not better by Monday I shall likely visit the doctor.

It is unknown to me. I feel completely out of sync. My head feels dizzy and disorientated, my chest feels blocked and tight, my abdomen feels achy, my arms and legs are tingly and shaky.

=/ could it be the heat? are you dehydrated?!

Well. Things. I have only been awake from 2PM to 6PM today. I am unfortunately sick.

whats wrong?

I've had it with these monkey-fightin' snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane!


I think my favourite part of the tour...*grins*...N­iggers.

oh jeebus

Basically it's a quiet day for me. Since it's just a few days until the wombats come to make me a year older I'm just wasting time until that day comes, then back to normal.

EP is good for wasting time

People tell me it tastes differently. But I can't taste anything different.

Ive heard there's not much of a difference in the taste.

It's Coke Zero, though.


Enjoying my free healthcare and welfare in Socialist Europe. And drinking cola. Lots of cola.

Cola is so bad for you

Yerp. So what've you been up to?

being a slave for corporate america and smoking cigs- you?

Of course you did, I just made it clearer, right? If people are calm and genuinely enjoying it, they look at you, smile gently, and don't break eye contact. Those who are getting upset often laugh excessively, talk very quickly, and make a lot of fake grins or gestures.

Yes, yes you're right.

Nerp. We all do that. If arguing was so funny people would do it all the time. You can tell how pissed off someone is by how much they laugh at you.

hmmm never thought of it that way

No you don't. You're laughing at her exteriorly and trying to contain the rage at her incessant stupidity interiorly.

LOL you know me so well

You two still at it, I see.

yes, indeed. Well, she's still at it. I find her humorous

Well, use the term 'everyone' lightly. By the end of the fight you're more bored by the constant droning of people backing you up than the person you set out to humiliate.

sometimes. depends on whom im humiliating

Seems like the errant masses are already taking sides.

you sound surprised. everyone takes sides even when they arent asked to.

Nerp. Am quite bored. Interesting to see where this kitty fa­ggotry goes.

she has me blocked. I suspect it wont go anywhere. She'll just keep whining about how im "on her back".

Hue. Having fun?

indeed. you?

Space t­its.

those are nice

Let the neighbor slice away...we shall offer him a thirsty towel or kitten to help with the mess;)


Good, good. Have some for me in the morning. It is 2:24AM and I must sleep.

Well I knew you were awful at it, but I never imagined you were ill-educated about it. Ayah, ayah...Can you make satay? That would work.

i can try

Pah, you can't even cook?

im sure you knew this. i can cook a kitteh tho..... how hard can that be?

Nothing but the best for the God of the Internet.

thats true.......... i should purchase cook books

If we're going to do the Southeast Asian thing then let's go all the way. Hot sauce, skewer it, make sure to add plenty of coriander, and get some chutney.

aye! now i gotta be all gourmet about things

Three years already? How time does fly, and it is my birthday in a mere week. What have you got me?

i got you an angry kitteh on a stick...... do you want Hot Sauce or Mild?

Ah, you exaggerate. True I was the first person who befriended you properly on EP, but I was much younger and foolish back then, I hurt you a lot in ways I shouldn't have, and, well, we've already discussed that. But despite all that, you've always been here for me to communicate with regardless of my circumstances, you've always listened and always cared, despite my ever changing personality. I have reason to think that you are in fact the best find on EP.

i wasnt exaggerating. we've had our differences but, its been almost 3 years and we're still friends. that says a lot.

Nothing is made perfect, but a perfect friendship can be created. Would I call our friendship perfect? Yes. With just two simple questions; do I want to add anything? The answer is no. Do I want to take anything away? The answer is also no.

You my dear, are the best find on ep. Am proud to be able to say that you were my first REAL friend on here.

You tell me about how well I know you, but it is not just I with understanding. On the contrary, you know me very well. I believe you wouldn't bring minor problems to my attention as I would likely not care, or mock it, but you would find me trustworthy with larger, more delicate problems. Again, from this we can see that while considering me a valuable asset in times where you require my assistance, you also respect facets of my personality when considering what you do and do not discuss with me. In essence, you maintain an equal balance of utilisation and respect for me.

of course..... this has taken time to learn but, thats how all friendships are created and solidified.

In the past, although you've disagreed with my methods, you have certainly tried to shield me when someone has full blown spas'd all sorts of drivel all over the site about me, and shunned idle gossip about what a incessant moron I am wherever you found it. You've even assisted in some of the more elaborate schemes. From this we can see that it is not the action of the person that determines your attitude, but what the person means to you.

well of course. Thats how it should be. No one can go around calling you an ******* unless they know you. So when they do it annoys me. Its one thing if i say something like that to you but, another thing entirely when some complete stranger says it.

Disagreement and confrontation will make a good debating partner, but as a friend you must be able to both disagree and stick up for them simultaneously.

define "sticking up" for them.

Well someone has to know you, but that's the way it's been, hasn't it? Knowing is my business, and feeling is your business. That is why we have assisted each other so much previously. Although undoubtedly you feel hurt inside when people discard you when you have shown them nothing but kindness, you have an equal amount of people that have been steadfast and loyal despite times of both disagreement and agreement. I trust that it balances itself out in the end.

indeed it does and thats why its not a big deal. Loyalty above all is what makes a true friendship.

Ah. I've said it multiple times, although you try to hide it sometimes, you are one of the most affectionate and kind-hearted people I have ever had the fortune of meeting. I just find it a pity that you are doomed to suffer to pretenders. If you need my advice on the matter in the future you know how to contact me.

=/ *hugs* i hate that you know me so well. blah

Would you really expect anything less than success from me? We have de-constructed her personality several times in privacy several times now, and such an event was foreseeable even six months ago. Sad that you even wasted your time, however. It will undoubtedly fix itself in time, and repeat the cycle.

i cant help it. Im just built a certain way. am sure i'll be suckered into being her "friend" again. pffft. only to be disposed of as if im just a trash bag. what a ****.

So did my prediction come true again, or are you just messing around?

oh it came true..........AGAIN. am currently blocked and apparently my last confession to her was offensive. whatever

I have no idea what that means. Elaborate.

it means we're running off writing things about each other and being bishes. Well, im being a ***** and she's whining

Sure is, Yogi. I miss anything?

just Kitty and i getting..........catty with each other.

If I reply to that, my account gets locked. So no.

thats ghey

Yeah. They did that. You can gmail me if you want though.

Ediez, how have you been? EP blocked the gift thing. So I'm out of ideas.

are you serious?! wtf?!

You hate men? =/

nevah that

Thank you, Edie. I enjoyed them twice. You so know quality!


LOL; awesome clip.

feckin love that movie

Wait... what?<br />
<br />
Marry?<br />
<br />
How did I miss this?

We will be calling the wedding...the red bastage of courage

EPIC!!!! :D