Lilcuppa And I

Ahhh randomness. I saw a red head and a brunette acting silly with fairy wings and thought of Cuppa.

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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LOL...totally see it!....


I think little cuppa must have wings. It belongs with who she is :)

i agree!

I have a video recorder on my phone. I want to be the videographer. Clothing is optional right?

I do so love peculiar people doing silly things. :)<br />
&, I need those wings!

Don't we all?

Life would be more complete. :)

I'm gutted, all this time I believed lilcuppa was really Julie Andrews.


omg. this is the cutest/funniest/awesomest thing i have seen in a while ahahahaaa!<br />
they are so cute.

when we meet we shall top them!

they will videoing us! :)


lmao not creepy in the least

i dont go anywhere without my camera soooo..

I want a pic too! =D

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