Pissy Troll

My niece is scared of this guy. I think he's cute. All orange and hairy. <3 i want him as a pet. Just like i want that anon hater as a pet. Im gonna trap you and keep you in a cutesy lil cage; feed you nothing but gummi bears and bacon.

*sings along*
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Snappy little tune...." Solve my riddle."

lol i love that clip

I like this post,<br />
Because it shows how really small they are,<br />
Without your attention....<br />
You can torture them by making them starve,<br />
And tease them by giving them just a bite...<br />
Then they'll die of despair for not having it all...<br />
Your undivided attention...<br />
Shame...<br />
and sad <br />

Greatest fans deserve a cookie now and then ROFL,<br />
Think you've got the right idea! Lolol


TROLLS ARE NEEDY PIGS!!! We can learn from them...not to go as low as they do...

I am so glad my nieces are past this stage!


You're too much

he's so cute!

It's less humid today and it's the afternoon... but it's still too hot to be creative.<br />
<br />
So... yeah.<br />
<br />
I ******* hate trolls. Unless it's me. I love me. When I'm being a troll.

No ****! :-)

*shakes head*

Why are you shaking your head? Time for me to wax my *** again?

yes Penny. Its time

That's why I've been so itchy! You always got my back. I love that about you.

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I just want to give the guy a nice shampoo, haircut, some serious waxing. Bet he would look adorable after using some great products.

That troll was clearly naked... nudity isn't allowed on ep... by your troll some undies, get it some lipstick too...

non sense! His fur is his clothing! Except when he's wearing his dinner jacket

No when it jumped up, I saw what was either balls.... or very saggy boobies.... that troll is possibly a pedo... also when did troll quit ZZ top?

bahahahaha he isnt a pedo! He's just a flasher.

i think thats a dude

That's sexist... women can grow beards to cover their balls too!


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the ******* BAWLLS on you to call our anon's trolls, you should know better, why do you think actual trolls for the most part love us? huh buhg? lmfao, i wanna own one of these ******* to keep under mauh bed. =D

i know! i know! i woke up ballzy today =P if i find one of these guys i shall breed him and give you a baby troll

sweet, i shall name him..."dipshit" =D

lmao!!! So cute!

LMAO! I thought I told you not to post footage of me in public parts of the site. *Strops off with the bacon and gummi bears* Humph!

LMAO but your cuteness must be shared!

For a minute, I thought that said "shaved".

I did think it would have been nice of Ediez to use the footage with my lady garden trimmed at least!

hahaha@#%@#($@_ lady garden!

my apologies Troll, the next clip shall show your lady garden in all her trim glory

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NOH! our anon's are noht this awesome lmfao! =D

he's sooooooooo cute!

God, I hate Dora so much "she provokes me lol" and my niece forces me to watch it with her, yet I have never seen this orange man, he is cute and I like how hairy he is LOL! =P

Dora has taken over my home! Its better than the Bieber thing but, still. Isnt this troll the cutest?! Im gonna find a stuffed toy that looks like him.

Yeah I know that idiot called Dora controlled everywhere lol she has to ask for our help all the time during the episode, even my little niece (the other one) was like, seriously Dora how are we gonna help you through the TV? They think Children are stupid, but they are not! - Yeah do that, if you ever find it lemme know! "looks like we are enjoying cartoon more than kids!" =P

Dora is daft! and why is she asking kids for help? as if my nieces want to get lost in a forest to help her dumbazz. =P *looks for orange trolls for Gaga*

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I don't think your nieces would be interested in that *waiting for her orange hairy troll*

pet that troll daily!

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