inks* Is it just me or is Goth Dora a lot more fun to watch than regular Dora? No worries people, my nieces arent here.

Why am i watching Dora clips?

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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so is sam not allowed to watch either?

Sam is old enough

lmao if she gets a nightmare ur stayin up with her

lmao she wont have a nightmare!

she mite young girls are fragile

not all of them


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i love dora.. this is an outrage!

does that mean i can pay eight hundred dollars to have anyone i want killed?

yes, yes it does.

good i'm gonna need 2400$ worth in dead bodies

Hey! That Dora makes a good point! >:(<br />
Then again, I could never do that myself. You've got to pay the fee to have someone murder your loved ones for you, that's how it works all the time. >.>

i like your morbid sense of humor =)

I thought it went with the goth Dora. :P

=P it goes perfectly

Having fun, sweetie?

i am. =)