Duly Noted

"All you kids are not my friends and I never wanted you as my friends. I don't want pity. You don't know me. I have my own friends thank you. Now please move on." - KFC

Of course we're not your friends silly cat woman- you dont know how to have friends.

Of course you never wanted us as your friends- you dont exactly care about anyone besides yourself. Maybe your cat. Maybe.

*smirks* Ohhh of courseeeeeee you dont want pity....... not like you'd admit to wanting pity.

Of course we dont know you- the only thing we know is that you like cats and internet self pity. oooops! i mean.... meow meow

Of course you have your own friends. we'd never question that. You have loads of friends. Tons. By the way, how is Miranda? *grins* tell "her" i said hi.

And yes, we shall move on now. Cause your litter box needs changing. =P

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I swear to God the dead grass in the corner is not because I peed on her lawn...

That's from me cuttin the corner on my Lark

She blocked me because I posted about nuns and **** riding

for shame, who doesnt see the humor in that? she's so uptight

*peeks under Dente's habit*

i want her to be my best friend EVUH... she seems awesome. even more then you... J-*******-K!!! lmfao! *snuggles and hands ovuh cakes* hahahahah!

she's such a beautiful soul! you should add her back to your circle. im sure she'd enjoy your antics

hmmmmmm.... nah. someone that awesome doesnt need a dox or friends even. i wish i was that cool.

you sure? everyone could use a Charmy. She may actually learn a thing or two about Gremlins.

you wanna give your charmy away =( well if i do, id have to kick you out and block ya you know, you might wanna think about that.

=( thats not funneh

all connections would have to be severed.. did i laugh at all? you are teh one joking about it *tears up* ='(

its worth it. For the sake of the world and all clean kittens. Go now. Goodbye Charmy

*puts head down, walks out slowly leaving a trail of tears*

*sobs* nooooooooo

I think this might be a perfect seed for saints new story. Instead of being crime detectives, you guys can be friends in a soap opera... "As The Kitty Spins"

LMFAO *notes awesome soap opera* you have noh idea how dramatic i can really be, this is nothing hahaha.

Oh yeah, Charmy has won many awards for his dramatics

*takes a bow* =D

*slaps* dont ever block me again.

*rubs cheek* i'm sorry ='( im sure it hurt me more then you anyways.

i shall get you back when you least expect it

mea... what the worst you could do at this point? you already removed and blocked me, you know what irritates me... soOOoo... yea.

i can block your number

=OH's now that's a lowblow. you've still done worse though.

i have noht!

yes you have...i will yell at you!!!

why are you always yelling at me?

it's always in the most kind of ways though noh?

pffft i doubt that Charmy

don't make me pout!

im already pouting. and crying

=O dont you do that! you know how much cheating that is D:

like your avi! your avi is cheating

*extra nervous face* im sorrrrry =(


='( *pouts* we cry alot.. and thats a stalemate everytime.

we do cry a lot. lol

i blame you!!!!! evil lady of cute buhgness! such a cheater that i have to use your tactics!

nonsense! you started with the cheatz

noh way! you got proof sweets?

not at the moment. But, i can make it up as i go along

well then one of these nights we must have a drunken trial on this.. you down? of course you are.. can't say imma take it easy on you though ;D

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