Awww Groovi......

*smirks* Where did your profile go?

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*coughs and makes a sound like 'ChronicusPainInTheAssicus'*

I should be ***** slapped multiple times for dabbling with that crack pot..Some people are simply looking for a ticket out of a useless life, and will attempt to sponge off the one they think they can. Yet they have no goals, no dreams, no intent of hard work..Instead they will cover themselves with labels, and blame their ****** upbringing for their problems. Seriously? welcome to my ******* world. Grow a pair and act like an adult..When someone says they have kids they don't see, but blame an ex for it - **** yourself. You are a parent - get off your internet lovin *** and get a life..Be something your kids might be proud of if they ever decide to have anything to do with you..Where were you when they were being raised? Yeah, you took the easy road so do not ******* whine and ***** about how hard you got it...Oh yez, and one more thing: names were withheld from this post to protect the guilty...Have a nice ******' day, douche bag...*breathes*...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hot damn. when Melly vents, me likey!

melody im intoxicated but I love your comment soon much it's autistic.

awww thanks hon...appreciate that!

Who is this Groovi person? Is he real? I have no idea who you mean. <br />
<br />
*innocent face*

ohhh i make things up sometimes. no, he doesnt exist

Ahhh. Yes. I've heard that about you. Aren't you the troll that pesters people all the time and plans behind their backs?

lies. all rumors. I dont even exist. i work for ep admin. im related to Jin. Im really Punk. Im JB's twin. And im half the people in my circle. there's no ep. Its really just you and my other personalities running about



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*happy lil harley dance*

*hides behind you* someone is gonna be pissy, buhg.. LMFAO!

lmao awww i cant wait.

LMFAO!!!! you are a genius in this evil business. *extra forserious face and cranks up tunes* ;D

i totally behaved this time.......kinda

please, i know you too well and vice-versa. you know im a fan of simple, this was straight to the point, though i dont care for this song, it's def fitting ;D

i dont care for this song either but, its soooo perfect!

lmao, but of course! i love how simple and mean this is. reminds me of me. careful though, im your sock puppet lmfao!

=o ohhhh we cant have them calling you that anymore. Hmmmm i find it odd that ep admin deleted his profile in less than 24 hours. i wonder why

too late ive been you for the longest now, maybe ep admins have finally been working on these fools. my/our anons have been oddly quiet. =/

cause they have finally found douches and cleaned out their sandy vaginas? no, of course not. Maybe cause they keep getting their **** slapped. or fukked with a rake.

i highly doubt that lmfao. maybe though. they seemed to be turned on bu **** slapping and rake raping's from what ive picked up. but then again, i know how to mind **** to the fullest ;D

*stretches* apparently we're too much for them. And we're the ones huffing Jenkem? hilarious.

*takes huge huff and passes it* im noht bovVverd, are you? didnt think so lmfao ;D

i aint evah bovVered..... *huffs*

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Rated this way the F up!

*sings along and hands out drinks*

Gimmie gummie bears instead. Green ones :)

=) i shall share the green gummies!

and I shall share the rum


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