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Ep - Year 3

I figure that i should just get this outta the way now. On August 1st i shall make 3 years in the lovely land we call EP. Coincidentally, I turn 31 on the 31st. Which kinda bothers me- but, whatever.

Why am i still here? Who in feck knows.

I got an awesome gift today. A call from an ep member whom i havent spoken in a while to. And, maybe the call made me all emotional.
Maybe its this beer. Maybe its Suzy singing along to Pretty Reckless with me. Maybe itsĀ  the odd way the world works.

I've no clue what it is. Maybe its the fact that i got woken up by my sister in law and didnt automatically get the usual sharp pain to my eye- in any case, today, right now, i am typing this with a smile on my face and lovie vibes are flowing outta my drunken pores. (just kidding, im not drunk).

Anywayz, you lot are lovely. All of you. Even grumpy Maj. Even that stinky Kitteh (love you babycakez). Even pissy JB. Even Arsi. Even Mymylee and all her "personalities".

Thank you for the laughs and all the chats.

That pedo "Meandmyworldarelost" is NOT lovely. (flag him people).

And now, my gift to you:

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz 31-35, F 12 Responses Jul 29, 2012

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You're here because I'M HERE !!


Birthday party in birthday suits.

I just noticed this: Please respond with authenticity, support, and respect. Sooo.... I insist that all naked people wear bow ties.

i like this idea

You can wear one of my old t-shirts, so long as I can rub yer azz

Maj will be jelly

He can have the t-shirt... but I don't know where his *** has been...

its been with Goliath =P

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what a bloody faggotry....

you are always able to sniff out faggotry it a gift or a developed skill?

I used to be a girl - before the operation

and now... you're an alien?

nope - I'm a man who likes to be trapped inside female body

no wonder your *** is so smooth.

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I kind of appreciated this

i love u. seriously. dont make me write you a story.

Write it...or I will fire mah lazors at your chichis

=o i love my chichis!!!!

you're gonna have to write me a story too!


ok deal. now put the lazors down

IMA FIRIN MAH...oh ok :D

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lol thankies

you are so young i am actually surprised you are not one of the diaper people.

i like to tinkle on peoples shoes and in their beer.

I luvs you too, Ediez! PS: I luvs your friend too but watching her's making me a bit seasick... :P


On August I will complete 2 years, so you are 1 year older than me here, huh! =P and I thought I'm an old EPer lol<br />
<br />
After this on Oct. I will turn 22 =D and yep I am excited to enter the group (22-25) lol but I'm actually surprised about you, you sound younger to me, if I will have to guess, I will say you are 26, the youngest at your age group! I guess you are child at heart which is very nice =) I think EP is awesome and I'm planning to stay here until my friends leave, once they do, I think there will be no motive for me to come here everyday! <br />
<br />
Thank YOU for the laughs and for everything, you are absolutely an awesome Eper and you give a special taste to EP =) <br />
<br />
Ps. The video is so damn funny and made me laugh like crazy, I'm alone at my bedroom, if someone heard me from the outside or through the walls, they will definitely think I'm either crazy or possessed! lol

lol ahhh my Gaga. *hugs* you always make me smile.

I personally have way outlived my life expectancy.....If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.....can't remember who said that, but it fits.

lol i love the quote!

Hmmmm.....31......not halfway to the grave will be fine. When you hit 38....that's the half way point....time to start keeping the spade sharp.

D: i dont want to think of 38

31 on the 31st? That's fun! Don't be bovvered about it! (I still stalk your stuff! D:)<br />
I'm having a shot on your behalf! :D<br />
Oh, and I am responding with authenticity, support, and respect, just like this thingy is telling me to. ;)

go shots!

You have to too! :D

that means trouble!

Sometimes trouble is fun! 8)

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I didn't know Ronald McDonald had children<3

cute, aint she?

Pretty cute I wonder if she smells like strawberries ... She is a living strawberry shortcake doll ... I want to put her in a dress and sniff her.

thats not creepy in the least

I like the colour of her hair. Except I'm not sure if your hair should match your shirt.

i like it too. The shirt- not so much