Our friendship is bipolar. But i cant picture it any other way.

Happy Birthday to you.

Here's your gift: I finally found something more annoying that a Katy Perry song. Katy Perry lip synching

And some Justin Bieber: (my niece recommended this one)

And some Miley!

Ok, seriously, at some point we both know that we'll get pissy at each other and insult the other. Thats just the way we both are. Blame the whole Lioness thing- i dont know.
No one gets us. And they are probably sick of us fighting and then forgiving the other. Tis fine. We wouldnt be "us" if we didnt act this way.

I still say you were a worthy opponent. i dont know anyone that can hold a grudge like you. Jeebus woman! For the record- not all of my stories directed at you were mean. There's actually some pretty nice ones (with great music btw).

Again- Happy Birthday and "call me maybe"
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Sooooo.... I wonder when I get blocked again?

I still am! Though I don't recall Ms Chanel & I ever being introduced. & I doubt I p*ssed her off by proxy. ;)

I'm not precisely sure that there's a rhyme or reason. I've probably been more tolerant of her antics than most, but, being close friend with Ediez is apparently a crime, depending on the time of month.

lol..look..they're barfing in the aisles..just like when they premiered the Exorcist...:D<br />
Damn thats some sucky music girl....I'm glad we're friends. I really dont want to do this back and forth **** though. Im sick of having enemies and people that think I'm an awful creature. I really don't want to be hated.

lmao i needed some annoying music to get stuck in your head

so you think that 50$ is a good investment ?

*feels like she should say something, maybe. . . realises there's little to no point. . . shakes head, wonders off* ;)

Also there are many bad kitties ... And we know how I'm talking about .....

omfg...*shakes head and walks out*

add that to the list of things to be pissy about

been there, done that, incredible. noh such thing as surprises anymore lmfao.

shut it

you stopped me. i was walking out. your bad. *walks out*

*throws beer can*

JB, sometimes, ya jus gotta let ******* be *******. They can't help themselves. Next time there's a fur-fight, I'm just going to buy popcorn.

Not at the same time. Sticky popcorn is just nasty. Although, the honey badger doesn't give a ****.

nah, next time the buhg gets her **** slapped by me. then we will feast on popcorn. =D

**** off Charmy

i will noht, im back and you both should be slapped by me. especially yoooou, so disappointed i am LMFAO! whats mauh favorite word? "INCREDIBLE!"


IN-*******-CRDIBLE! lmfao.


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