Thank You Cuppa

I will spare you lot the details of the convo.

"Just tell the world to **** off and take care of you lil one"

Best advice I've heard so far.

Somewhere along the way, i forgot to take care of me. Cuppa just reminded me. That's what makes you realize who actually cares about you. The ones that will tell you the truth and support you no matter what. The ones that will tell you when you're ******* up. The ones that will tell you that its ok to put yourself first. The ones that do not mind if you take care of what you need to take care of. The ones that remind you, that you're not expected to "fix" everything.

The ones that know you well enough to know, that you aren't "ok" even if you have spent the entire day pretending to be "ok".
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This is so lovely. <3

Not sure how I missed this one. This makes me happy. :-)

*hugs Ediez and Cuppa*<br />
I love you girls!

Im glad I logged in. *loves you* thanks for making me feel good :)


group sex?

Good morning Joseph lol

Yeah but what do you think would happen if like I dunno a huge secretity secretive secret like secretly got out?

i love secrets...can i hear?

What are you talking about

:(((((((((((((( cuppa ))))))))))))))))): + <br />
:(((((((((((((( ediez ))))))))))))))))): = <br />
:(((((((((((((( cuppaedeiz ))))))))))))))))):

:( love both of you...because of these reasons!!

no sad faces! she gave me a gift. she reminded me what makes us all friends. Love her to bits.

ok so ...that was supposed to be a smiley face lol i have been using my phone all day...soooo obnoxious!

Yeah love me to bits hehe

My July 20th facebook post "We don't need people in our lives that tell us what we want to hear. We need people in our lives that tell us what we need to hear." <br />
This is why you like me. And I kinda like you too. :)

sooooo true!