Angry New Yorkers

There are two things that can **** off a new yorker:

#1- People that walk too slow at any given time of day
#2- When the train just decides to stop running

Today- the train just decided to do just that. Due to some fire in some train station- things came to a halt. My train was just simply- not running. Not delayed. Not stuck somewhere. Just not running. *shakes fist*

Alright- no big deal. So, i walked to the next train station to catch a different train. Killed some time by walking slowly (to **** off the rest of the new yorkers) and texting on my phone while humming some random song to myself (cause im all zen and **** and nada bothers me today).

After about 20 minutes of standing about and doing nada i get into the hot *** train station to just wait. And i did a lot of waiting. The trains were so packed that i had to wait about 30 minutes before i could actually board one. One that was still packed. (this is when my Zen starts wearing off) <---------- insert semi panic attack. I was suddenly, not feeling well and felt like passing out. (now, im semi angry New Yorker).

I finally, get to the stop where i can transfer to another train that will bring me safely home. That station is packed. Even worse, the police officers were only letting a few people board each train at the time. So, there i am. Hot. Sweaty. Surrounded by angry New Yorkers and have no clue what to do. <-------Insert Very Angry Edie

I decide to just walk it ( no way to catch a cab because the streets are packed with- yeah you guessed it- Angry New Yorkers).

Am about an hour or so away from home if i walk.....that's if i keep up a good pace and not pass out from low sugar and dehydration. At the same time, am texting my bro who is insisting that i take a cab. What part of the cabs arent stopping did he not understand? Ohhhh and my phone was almost dead. Fantastic. <-------Insert me cursing the world

I stopped at some random store and hit up the ATM and grabbed some agua for my journey. Then sat down at some random house and called the only cab service number i could think of. He said 8 minutes. After 13 minutes (yes, i checked)- still no cab.

The end of the story: at the very moment that i was just going to turn into just pissy Edie, a yellow cab stops right in front of me to drop off some lady. I approach. He shakes his head no............ I did the only thing i could think of. I pouted and gave him puppy eyes.

He sighed and gave in. Plus it was damn cheap to get home.

Moral of the Story- when all else fails- use the pout and the puppy eyes.

~The End
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5 Responses Aug 14, 2012

Edie, sweetheart, that's the most beautifully precious you I've ever seen *smile, eyes twinkling, heart melting*


so.............pouty face and puppy eyes work? sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!

yes, yes they do!

and here i thought my "i get my way no matter what u say"face was the ****



Hmmmmm. Hot and sweaty Edie. <br />
<br />
I would have gladly picked you up and taken you home.

*blinks* i was not all cutesy and bubbly by the time the guy got me. Trust me. lol but good to know Penny

I'm partial to Latinas in bad moods

o.O apparently

Win. *note. This only works for cute NYers lol :) I love this.

you're cute. you'd totally have tons of cabbies stopping for you.