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I do NOT do indirect stories.

If i write something that is directed at YOU, i will name you.

If i comment something that you "think" it's for you? Then that means, you need to stop taking shots and put that bong down, cause i will let you know it's for you.

I have not asked you to comment. I have not picked some absurd internet fight with you.
I have not been remotely bitchy to you.


You obviously love drama. You obviously want me to be all pissy at you.

Babycakez, i dont need ep to do that. I've got your phone number, remember? I can just simply pick up the phone and yell like i usually do, but, im not even mad at you.

Sober up!!!! Oh and get over yourself. EP aint that serious, remember?

And in case you're too drunk to realize it, THIS story, is for you.
EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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How much did i miss?

Rather why are you 2 fighting? :o

cause he doesnt exactly take warnings well

I dont get it lol

why are two of my favoritist EPers fighting?<br />
<br />
I hate this.

because he's a snippy princess

I know what that's like. We've all had our moments....

that reminds me... are you ever going to return the dress and tiara? And if you don't dry clean it, keep the dress... it was all stained last time. I want the tiara back tho...

you know I hate taffeta. of course you can keep it. silly girl


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*hands out exstasy*


there is no hope. It's die time.

Yikes. It's assplosions all over EP

yay for anti-drama! and being direct with the last sentence which made me feel awkward for the person who this is for. *feels awkward*

really now?... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! oh man, the contradictions, irony, and assumptions in this is hilarious. especially when you know me. **** you yo.

Oh doxers what do we all know . We know edz is capable of telling people what she wants them to know. What else do we know ...we are ALL hypocrites and wounded zombies trying to suck out brains ... Don't be a asspie or share about being a asspie (it ****** of closeted asspies and results in elite posting resulting in assplosions).

Also we know that when you and edz play nice it results in hilarity.

The world is a sad place ...sober up or don't ...just know that in the scheme

Your no bettah than anyone else...the only time YoU should point a finger is if you'll be using it to pick your nose.

And last. I love ediez ...I will be mean for no reason to people who I decide aren't treating her how I want them to.

Also...make drugs not war or wait is it love drugs not ****** or well whatever .

don't try and skool me, you dont know me, you know nothing like i do on this. the world is fulluh assumptions and side taking *sighs* she wants to take mauh bullshitting the wrong way, **** it, i dont care anymore, like you would know my half or our history. *takes shot* whatevuh.

JB.... ummmm.... yeah... what?

you see what i mean?

i can't wait till you're drunk, buhg! ;D

"You obviously love drama." you will eat your own words sweets.

the bawlls! =D

i warned you. you refused to listen. button pusher.

muah story for mauh buhg is gonna be awesome, sorry if it makes you implode, you care if i post it in this group when the time comes? of course you dont. ;D

drama drama drama

says the drama queen. ive started without even trying and imma finish it without even trying also. do i wait sometime or noht? hmmmm...alot of things could make your getting stabbed my me that much better. poor buhg... regardless.. imma feel bad afterwards lmfao.

yeah yeah- you always feel bad afterwards. Did you wake up this early just to be a pain in the ***?

nah im fine sweets actually, we talked, we lol'ed, im done with said make believe drama till i get mauh half done. =D hope work is going good for you =)

work is going great. You take care of your half of the made up drama.

*salutes you*

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