(Has anyone ever tried this? Like putting a shot into a turkey baster and shooting it up your ***? Seems like you would get more ****** up faster this way. Do you think it is safe and worth trying?....this is not a troll)

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Where do I sign up? <br />
<br />
I'm up for experimenting... <br />
Everything but meth face please!

its no different then take hydrocondine and mixing it with sprite, but im guessing its the same thing

Lol, if I'm going to screw up my blood vessels, it isn't going to be over freaking nyquil or benadryl...

they have to be doing this into the muscle... its clear they don't understand the blood brain barrier

Lol, the joys of poser druggies, they just don't get it. Seriously though, nyquil is cheap, and most of the effect is plain old booze. Benadryl-based sleeping pills can be had for $5 a 60 count. At that rate, there's absolutely no reason to bother shooting up. Need to get more ****** up, just chug more.

did you ever hear about the Russians turning desomorphine into something they called Krokodil because herion became too expensive and was difficult to have a steady supply of?

never heard of it

Google krokodil (but be warned it\'s gorey)

ok thanks for the heads up

All I could say was ..... Son of a ***** OMG!! and then click off asap !!!

No, but it wouldn't surprise me. They're the ones drinking aftershave and cologne because vodka is just too pricy.

That\'s utterly crazy! =O

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Stuuupid...The stuff hits your system plenty fast by ingestion. For a while I carried children's benadryl syrup because when my allergies go off, they go off fast...but that stuff was messy. Eventually I just learned to break open a few benadryl caps into a glass of water, and chug it.

why such bad allergies :(

I'm just speshul like that.

&lt;---- feels concerned

seasonal or food or ?

Well...I would say seasonal, but...um, all year 'round I can find something to be allergic to. I have had a sinus infection for the last, oh, 12 years. Two surgeries have failed to clear it. Carrying the infection around makes me much more sensitive to everything else. I also have to be careful what shampoos and hair conditioners I use, some give me hives. It's partly my own fault though because I allow cats in my airspace...Though most are outside most of the time, it does not help matters. I need to get off my butt and go get allergy shots.

you might have what i have, atmospheric allergies !

mine are year around but worst in winter!

I remember getting allergy tests when I was a kid..all those ******(lol) with different things like mold and silk(which is what they said I was allergic to)...I had SEVERE allergies as a kid..I took nothing for it...I'd just sneeze my *** off...it was miserable in a way I can't describe and embarassing...over the years I grew out of it..

When I got a RAST test done a few years back...a number of the test sites swelled to the point where I had an inflamed donut all around my arm. All the nurses at the allergy clinic came in to look and were like "Woah."

I have skin sensitivities too... i can recommend some good hygiene products. Have you ever thought of maybe trying to treat the allergies in a holistic way? sometimes what is believed to be year round allergies to environment are actually food allergies...

id like to know of the hygiene products.

I also have skin sensitivities,

Well, the RAST showed that oak, pecan, pine, cedar and a lot of flowering grasses are not my friends. Since then I picked up some green cedar branches, and got a hive where each little leaflet touched me. I seem to be ok with Aussie's product line. I generally seem to have less problems with most body soaps, therefore I use whatever I've dumpster-dived lately, and/or scrub with shampoo when I accidentally buy a bottle of shampoo instead of conditioner. Other people's perfumes have given me asthma attacks-just walking up to me-basically artificial, petrochemical-based scents tend to not be my friends at times. I use scentless detergent also, and no fabric softener...I use non-aluminum deodorant and eucalyptus oil as scent. I did figure out dairy makes me worse by going off of it, then eating a whole tub of yogurt and having an asthma attack...I've been vegan except for honey since 2001. Losing a lot of weight has made me less sensitive-I dropped over 100 pounds and am now in a normal weight range for the first time in my adult life. I take tons of this stuff called quercetin...in addition to all the more traditional meds...it helps lots.

dumpster dive for soap?

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Exactly.. I don't snort smoke or shoot....one painkiller down the hatch and I'd be perfectly happy..

two is always better than one though

For OTC...But painkillers one is enough for me

i do not mind needles. But i refuse to shoot up. Hand me a pill please

LMFAO! jeeeeeebus

Thats gross! why can't people wait for pills to kick in???

I dunno... people seem to think if the method of ingestion is extreme this will magically make the effects of medication more powerful... truly there is the issue of blood brain barrier but mostly this is just crazy sheet!

O.o *scared bunny face*

why are you forcing a bunny to have a weird face???

So she doesn't realize that I am going to stick her with my large stinging needle filled with the Quill

I would Kill For the Quil

Say, "please???"

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