Here We Go Again

The poopy crowd strikes again. I got added by some random bloke, and one of his top groups is "I Want To Poop My Pants And Wear Them As Long As Possible".


DancingFox DancingFox
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3 Responses Sep 14, 2012

lmao gotta love the diaper lovahs

It never gets old.

i am currently getting stalked by a guy whos into ******* trashbags!... no joke

LMAO... gotta love EP.

OMG send him my way!

just check out my wb.... ummm so thats what your really into O.o

"I Love Trash Bag Sex" OMG is he for real?

i think he has some kinda disability or something. he's really messed up

Having a disability does not mean having weird gross fetishes. I have a disability, and I don't wanna **** trashbags... FFS. lol

well he seems to be.... idk something like stupid!

Yep. And creepy, and gross. lol

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The weirdos are out in force today, that's for sure!

Tell me about it... I keep getting added by sex perverts. I didn't think my avi was that slutty...

Don't takes it personally... To people like that EVERY avatar is a magic eye picture. No matter what it is they see naughtiness. :/

Maybe I should put my Evil Alice or my Evil Little Red Riding Hood back up... or possibly Granny Weatherwax.

I like your new avatar. I saw floaty loveliness... It is of course your call however. :)

I love my new avi too!!! It fits my new Florence and the Machine obsession. It fits her songs.

I don't know that I've ever listened to an entire Florence & the Machine song myself, actually.

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