The Quarter Life Crisis

"The quarter-life crisis occurs shortly after a young person enters the "real world".[1] Erik H. Erikson, who proposed eight crises that humans face during their development, proposed the existence of a life crisis occurring at this age. The conflict he associated with young adulthood is the Intimacy vs. Isolation crisis. According to him, after establishing a personal identity in adolescence, young adults seek to form intense, usually romantic relationships with other people"

^^^^^Erik Erikson can **** off.......... not only is his name retarded but, his vague definition of quarter life crisis is annoying.


There isnt anything in the world i cant make fun of. And Youtube addicts agree.

*i shouldve stayed in school....... i could be getting paid to do what i do here and STILL hate my life. awesomeness.
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I prefer to have crises at least twice a year. It's a nice rhythm.

Yeah, I'm the same. Do you remember the "I hate it here, I wanna go home to Belgium" crisis 6 months or so ago? I'm now stuck in the "I hate it here, I wanna go home to the UK" crisis. AWESOME. LMAO <-- laughing at myself

The ability to laugh at oneself is key to remaining sane. :-)

For some reason ediez, you and I chose to step off the main path in life. Some part of us always refused to go along with the other salmon swimming up stream. We just sort of found a little eddy off of the main flow about midway up the stream and stayed there, too tired to go forward but stubbornly refusing to go back.

perfectly stated

.<-----glaring at ep for cutting off the first letter lately

romance is for people without hookers or ****

bagging a cougar has proven to be a brilliant remedy for the 30s blues. i highly recommend it

mother f...*bagging*



feck the young.... they think they got "hating life" all wrapped up... ha! they KNOW nothing of either "life" or "hate"


I feel old!

The only time I have a quarter life crisis, is when I only have a quarter of my life left and I know its a long frigging way to the next save point.

hand me a beer!

No prob. I just have to drive 60 miles to get you one. Brb.

i shall chug these........ i think i have 8 left....oh no its just 5. fukk my life

You're itty bitty. Can you even chug a full one?

you wanna try me? i can drink you under a table. ...........but get me a cab afterward? i have trouble with that part

If I get you under a table there will be no cab. You get to stay the night >:)


.<------------suffering silently

^ never known to be silent :)

,<----passes beer to my twin

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