Let me get this straight:

Its ok for me to post a story as long as you agree with what im saying?

Its ok for me to "publicly" blast your "bf" as long as you agree with what is posted?

Its ok for me to be me because you "love me" and all that hoopla, as long as it doesnt call you out to be a "cuckhold mistress"?????? is that how it is sweetness?

Sorry, wrong.

Mayyyyyybe, you shouldve spoken to your "ep-boyfriend" before-hand and then sent me the "rules".

News Flash- HE threw you under the bus. Not me. I'm just the one taking the "cake" for it. As usual.
Wake UP!!!!!!!!
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THIS is why I should go online more. I miss all the drama.

That is very clear. You got in an argument?
How very delicately you put it. I could not do it this eloquent.
I did miss, pity

. i did not argue. people just like to argue with me for no reason

Getting into an argument, and arguing are not the same, I know. If someone argues with you, you are in an argument. But it is not necessary to argue back, to be in an argument. I choose words carefully

ok then, yes. i was in an argument.

Technically, it's possible to argue with someone and not be in an argument. An argument usually implies anger, while it's quite common to argue a point and disagree with someone without it turning into an argument. then it wasnt an argument because i was not upset

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how did I miss this? I see the feathers are flying can u miss this? we're attached!

I thought the feathers were flying from fun....not fury...I am a bad twin, you're the best twin

******* will always be *******

this sounds bad

why am I so itchy?

i blame Jin