The Perfect Storm

I was going to post a clip from this movie but, now im sad.

that movie made me cry my *** off.......

Being that NYC will be shut down starting at 7pm and I just got the glorious call that said "Due to the storm the NY Office will be closed on Monday" I shall now partake in my favorite hobby of harassing you lot with non sense until the internet goes down. Then I shall continue my binge drinking (cause of course there's beer during a hurricane!) and figure out a way to calm my mom down (she has been making pancakes like a loon since last night).

Who wants tequila?!

EDIT: It just dawned on me................ is it a good idea to be getting drunk? what if they all of a sudden say i gotta evacuate? oh man that fukkin sucks
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Getting drunk is the best way to endure it!!! And I want pancakes. And beer.

*hands you both*


Hurricane partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

*does a hurricane dance* (whatever that may be!)


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Warm beer, you mean!

no feckin way! my beer is ice cold!

Ediez is the perfect storm that will take down the internet?

yes, yes and yes

I cried during that movie too. Even you know what the outcome will be, there's that one part where it looks like they made it through.I almost believed it myself lol.
Sugar, you need to give your mom a beer. She is simply terribly scared for her family :(.. Is everyone at home now?

yes! it tricks me each time. dunno why =/

we're all home. She's now cooking chicken even though we all just ate.

Bless her heart. Glad you are all under one roof.

Awww. :(

am dumb =/ lets have a drink

Now there's a splendid idea! :D
*hands Ediez a beer*

=) ahhhh all better now.