Drunk Kitchen- Post Thanksgiving

I was actually going to post something serious but..............ehhhh not ready for that yet. So here:

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I just made you a turkey waffle sandwich Edith. I didn't have waffles, so I used pancakes. I didn't have mashed potatoes, so I used French fries. No turkey either, so I used hickory farms summer sausage.
Cranberries..... Um....,I DO have some craisins! YUM! ( stomach pump available )


LOL, creeping you because I posted on something you posted on.

DID YOU SEE THE ONE WHERE SHE MADE THE APPLE STRUDEL??? She drank like, a whole 2/6 of whiskey.

. Of course i saw that one! Jeeeeebus that bish could drink lol

LOL!!! She's my favourite, I would take her home, get her drunk and have her cook ALL of the naughty things for me :3


eh, the one group ur in i refuse to join and yet i come here for ur stories *shakes head* im stupid

. lol