It's That Time Of Year Again

Overly Cheery Office Mate: "You're going to the party right?"
Me: " *blinks* ...............noh"
Overly Cheery Office Mate: "awwww....its going to be so much fun tho!"

^^^^^^What is with everyone and these damn holiday office parties? Why is this such an exciting event? Dont we all spend enough time together?
For the record, I dont dislike my office mates. I just rather not have to spend more time with them than i have to.

I mean, isn't 40 hours a week considered enough time spent together?

EDIT:  They always wanna do shots. And the words "Just one more shot!!!!" Really means "we're gonna have shots til you cant walk"

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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11 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Sounds fun, I wish I could do that wiff my co-workers but I'm not 21 and they all look like theyre 60+ lol
A holiday work party would amount to watchin I Love Lucy or any movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock which would be fun now that I think about it O_o

hahaha..this is awesome, Ediez..and so true!.
40 plus hours a week is enough. Put me in a room with the partners, give me alcohol after I've smoked weed outside with my work gf's...not a good idea.
Recipe for disaster...those *******.

Look at the bright side, at least there will be booze. Trying going to an dry office party...they have raffles, you can win crap...that`s called a party from where I come from.

I could never relax enough to enjoy an office party...


The best part about holiday parties is having to explain the Facebook posts the next day.... omg. Aren't you hungover? I can't believe you switched shirts with Todd!

.LMFAO mean your not supposed to do shots til you can't walk????? wonder I had such trouble all those times....damn ...

. lol no, that's frowned upon. even if it seems like such a great idea at the time!

No go ahead Feisty. If you cant remember it all the next day, we will be sure to tell you all about it.

Sad thing is....I have had to be told about the night before.....lets just say im glad I forgot and shoukd have kept it that way lmao...learned my lesson....years later..but still ;-)

I have gotten soo drunk at Christmas parties. I have hung up my spurs now and pass the torch to the next round of rookies that want to make a fool of themselves.

. exactly!

When I worked at the business management firm in LA we had parties at some swanky places (Beverly Hills Hotel, for example). But it was the open bar that got people there. A lot of them were at nice hotels and so these folks would spring big $ so they could drink the free booze and not have to drive. But for the amount of the room they could have bought cases of booze....

. yeah we're having it at some hotel too. and loads of free liquor. I just cant. there's always the "After party" that seems oh so tempting. i shall behave and not attend. Plus, ugggh i just cant. love them but, no mas

but i told ud id river dance for u this yr in some sorta suit i dont remember what it was
the suit that is

. lol

i did though i just dont remember what im wearing

My office party is 267 km's away. I'm not going either.

. lol wooot!