Nom Nom Nom

"I'm not evil, but some people are freaked out by a living doll."

*smiles sweetly*

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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umm...*throws holly water on u* get back satan *and repeats* the body of christ the body of christ the body of christ

OMG I frikkin' love this!

Ogre? You are not an ogre.

Sometimes, you're an angry smurfette... but not an ogre.


.*bares angry smurfy fangs* hissssssssssssssssssssss

LMAO!! :-)

I've always liked your Smurfette persona... almost as much as the evil Snow White one...

.One day Smurfette shall be back.

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! And we shall all be smurfs again...

Oh Good Lord no. That was so confusing.

. but it was so much fun!

It was!!!

I'm just old and cranky

Grandpa smurf or something...

I have a red Santa hat at home. I'd be a good Papa Smurf... a little tall though...

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There goes Bianicas cookie.

*grins and munches*