Rest in Peace Mak..............jeebus, i wish i knew what song you liked. and i wish i had been a better friend to you. and i hate cancer. like more than anything. war i can understand. Cancer is just a bit too much.

i dont like crying.

and this will be short cause i dont very much like showing emotions either. I love...loved you-am i forced to use past tense in this situation?

And the fact that you laughed at my accent when spoke that time.... You were and will always be just utterly amazing to me.

and none of this gibberish makes sense. But life doesnt make sense half the time. why didnt you tell me how you got sick again?

Edit:  Her husband asked me to pass this along:

"Tell them they were loved more than they knew, in a heart that knew them, when all others did not."  Her words.
Aside from E and I she also mentioned:  College101, CJ, TheRedLady, ConnieWallace, Nunyabusiness, Smoothie, Wolfie-her baby, and SickDreams.
And PorFavor. J, me mandas un mensaje si puedes caramelo.

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i can't believe it !! now this makes me really really sad .... somewhat depressed ..... i am speechless. Mak3m3 - no matter wherever you are you will be deeply missed and loved forever.

. =(

and someday .... i won't be here anymore ..... that's the way it is. i am not surprised, i am just sad

Her memory, kindness, spirit, and love will live on in our hearts. God bless her, her son, and her family.

. CJ! *hugsssssss*

This is out of my comfort zone emotional wise, but I wanted to express my sympathies to you and everyone who knew this lovely woman. I am so sorry you're going through this tough time, as well as all her loved ones. Death is never easy and always seems to take those who deserve so much more than what they're cheated from far too early. I am so sorry and hope that you find comfort and peace among your peers and loved during this time. *hugs*

. thanks girlie *hugs*

Edie...I was reading back through some of our mails form last year and found something. Her favorite song was Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley..Thought you'd like to know.

.<3 thank you. Thank you so much. How fitting really =)

I remember mak.. she was one of the old school cool. This made me think of how really life is like a long winding line that leads to death, and we are all just waiting in line together trying to make the most of it.

=( *hug*

Oh my God I did not know she was sick again either... why did she not let me know... Oh my dear friend I will say my prayers for you and for all of us that loved you. You will be missed my dearest..... you will be forever loved....
There is nothing more dreadful than loss of a loved one
But I will remember all the talks we had
All the laughs we shared.
I am sorry I was not able to meet you in person
I am sorry I was not there when you struggled with your illness this last time
I have never forgotten the advice and blessings you gave to me
And I hope that I, at least in some small way, did the same for you.
I love you Mak now and for always
You are never in the Past tense
You are never lost in the flood of memories
You are constant and always my friend.
Love to you,

My deepest regrets go out to those that lost their friend today. My heart goes out to all of you, and regrets that another obviously wonderful person left this world so soon.

Oh, Sweetie, I'm so sorry. You know I am familiar with grief. Let me know if you need to talk. *hugs*


(((((Ediez)))))) sorry to hear about your friend. I did not know her but she was special to you and many others..If you need me sunshine, you know I am here for you <3

I knew her.Had no idea she died :(

. =( *hugs*

Just sad,angry.Kinda surreal.

. yeah i know what you mean. same here

Im sorry for such a loss....I didnt know her but it seems she was loved!

. she was =)

**** eh, guess someone got another guardian angel out there to look after them. RIP Mak.

Oh wow...I had many late night talks with Mak...Its been so long...oh wow...this

. =(

I didn't know her... I am so sorry to hear. Looks like she was very special to a lot of people.

Ediez... it's a lovely tribute you made.

*sits with her arm around you*

*holds you close* I'm so sorry baby. <3

It doesn't ever have to be past tense. The people you love are always with you.