Aint Nobody Got Time For That

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What can I say! Brilliant!!!!

DIE YOU ***** ******* ****

meme remix

good remix

Now I know where that meme comes song
:::jumps up and down and claps:::

cant get it out of my head! D:

It too

I wanna know if she ever got that cold pop she was after.


*giggles uncontrollably*

lmao i cant stop watching this

It's too funny. The way she say the word fire is too much for me. Lol!

i think my cousin and i watched it 5 times in a row yesterday.

Too funny!

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How do you stumble across this stuff?

i blame feminists and my family know, I know women with her personality......they are a hoot to be around.

i know those same women......... always make me laugh. seriously

Yes indeed...and they smile a lot too...smiles are contagious. This video was well done and I can't stop laughing when I watch it.