Because Ediez Needs This

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Ah Ha! I just found out where to get some here. Back later. ;o)

*mutter mumble* ;o)

.<<< wants. :)

*pours you some*

Yum! :D

that just looks heavenly. I want to swim in it

Shame I can't mail some to you... it's lovely :)


Shame plane tickets to NY are so damn expensive. I'd come and see you armed with Belgian beer and chocolate.

*ahem* ;)

Is Ireland cheaper? ;)

Millions cheaper. :D

*double ahem*

OMG! Actually, I just found out that a return to NY in early February could be as cheap as €450 ($605). Last time I checked, it was over €1,000!

... I need to plan a trip to NY!!!

And €200 for a flight to Ireland. I need to travel and meet EP friends!

I've never been to New York Kit. Have you? ;)

Yes, with my Dad when I was 18... only for a day, we were travelling on to Florida. One day isn't enough.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? ;)

Yes! ...&amp; it's heavenly! :D

I think you, EdieZ and I should get married in New York this year. There will be beer.

EdieZ, any thoughts? ;)

Scrumptious! :D

*kisses Sonnet and EdieZ*

I knew my momma was a lesbian!

*buys your affection with expensive presents*

Hi, I'm your new *other* momma. :)

I`m Kits mom. (((Kit)))

:o my mommas a bigamist!

*slides an ipad across the table to CaptainjackassWolf, all nonchalant like* ;)

I love my new momma!!!!!!!!

You have three Moms, actually. And a male grandma, because Deg is my EP Mom.

My family tree is like a weeping willow struck by lightning

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