EP Is Weird

Ok............ im back.

How does one explain how in feck i got an absurd amount of fans while "edie" was away?

whatever. i missed u lot. ayeeeeeee poor "mona".

Be well darlings. And happy Springtime to you.

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http://youtu.be/YVkUvmDQ3HY <---this song came to mind when I saw this post

*does happy dance* I always stalk you even if I don't comment on your stuffs and it made me sad when there was no new stuffs to stalk :'[

but now you're back :D

*sings along* woooooooot! =)

OMG! That sounds like a cat in heat!

so, did you have fun at youn annual ****, my deary wife? I'm not jealous... I was at the Teletubbies convention... Dipsy showed how to eat a full Tubbytoast in one go and then vomited it on stage... too bad you missed that...

If everyone must know she was at a diaper convention. Diapers In Public, or DIP are a group of totally not creepy people who fight for adults rights to wear diapers in public.

Good to have you back.......I was just thinking of creating a group saying we missed you. :)

Damn good to have you back...

Where the **** have you been??? I called the police and everything!

don't listen to what the police said... she was with all time long... we had fries at the Mc Donald's... &lt;3


*smirks* hey there stranger!

Tis a nicer place with you here. Glad we sucked you back in.....

u guys are evil. =) in that good way

Yeah....too bad Bianca left. Maybe she will be back...

=/ i hope so

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