Wired From Too Much Coffee And My New Attachment To Soda

Yeah i said it- i said SODA!

you try working at a law firm and cut down on cigs and then tell ME i cant have soda! Try it! I dare u!

Im super professional today. Am knocking down that dreaded "to do" list all while wearing sneakers.

And have been laughing non stop at this:


Tough day. Im so feckin hungry!

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if u cnt smoke in the office u can always dip or chew tobacco hell if i worked there i would

Half of those teeth your rotting are mine !!! My gawd this is cruel and unusual ...

im sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! its been a long week!

She lent you her teeth? O.o

No she freaking just uses them without Even ASKING !&!


u shall die!

i shall ban u from all soda!

Wait.... you're cutting back on smokes??? <3


I protest! I'm going to start nagging you, regardless of Sonnet's chiding.

Don't make me chuck a hissy fit!

really? If I sneezed you'd throw a fit. Do you think I could stop you?

I don't understand how so many people can be so wrong about me... yet it keeps happening.

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I have a full pot of coffee ready for me...one of my employees made it for me before I got to work....YEP...IM the fekkin boss...and I get my coffee MADE! LOL just sayin' ...felt good! ;-)

wtf? i need to be boss!

I think it's about time people start kissing my *** because my *** is kiss worthy...duh!!!! ;-)

*sigh* my momma got that habbit from me sadly enough.

yep! all your fault kiddo

Hey I need caffeine. I work two jobs with barely any money and still have to clean her diapers afterwords!

I can just visualise you twitching all over the place. Lmao!

like a miniature vibrator?

Unsurprisingly no.

What are you talking about? I'm completely surprised!

*cold level glare*

*unconvinced*. If I stare back at you, you will only smile. I have irresistible charm.

Don't be so presumptive dearest. I can resist that well.

Pfft! Presumptive? Go ahead. Go find a pic of me smiling and see what happens.

Oh for goodness sake, behave!

That's no fun. Are you serious? Have you MET me?

Not in person, no. The thousands of miles distance is a real issue there.

And yet... you find my smile irresistible. Go figure.

*lashes out*

*grabs your hands and dances with you*

*bites, kicks... snarls* &lt;&lt;&lt; terribly pleasant today, aren't I?

As always

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I've created a soda monster!! Damn that white castle!

if you get her to quit smoking... it's a good trade... for the time being

I wasn't trying to get her to quit. This is the first even I`ve heard of it. But I got her soda one day, not thinking. What have I done!

*rocks back and forth in the corner*

You are a mad scientist?

Na. I've just awoken the beast that has long been slumbering inside her..

id like a burger now.

We shall figure out how to get there.... to our burger Mecca.

Awwww..... so sweet

We've discovered the most addictive burgers ever. And it's not white castle lol.

white castle doesnt compare. at all!

Not even close!

I freaking love white castle....mmmmmmmm

The discovery of this new place has really killed my love for White Castle man.

What is this new place??

Top secret =P And only in Jersey.

Only in jersey?!?!...pfft...how discriminatory to illinois!!

All the good food is either in NY or NJ. That's just the way it is.

Defionitely not 5 Guys but it is in New Brunswick.

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