Oh Dad!

You ever walk into the room and your mom/dad looks up at you and says "what are you looking for?" or "what do you want?"

That's my dad today. I immediately felt unwanted and reverted back to being a child- all doe eyed- sad faced and stuff.

And then I remembered..............."wait! this is MY apartment! Fukk you baldy!" And then, I just smiled at him. And hugged him cause, he hates hugs more than I do. And then I said something I knew he'd hate or be disgusted by :

"Im looking for my tampons. It's like a murder scene down there".

He looks disgusted. I'm a happy unicorn.

Im so awesome.

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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That's m'girl! :D

LMFAO. I should try that.

I once covered a tampon with ketchup and threw it at a coworker. in my defense he did the same thing first.

stay away from my tampons!

i think i raised you wrong............*sigh*

well at least I'm better than Matt.... right?

do NOT make me choose!

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Ohhhh a unicorn! Pretty! O.o

*gallops and ***** sparkles* Pet me!

*runs behind you* **** on me! **** on me!

this will bring us no good!!!!!!

I laughed so loud tho

Hehee...*pets you and plays with your horn*

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You know, secretly, he's LOVING you for it..... but hush now, or you'll ruin it for everybody

the hug or the whole being annoying thing? both?

He's loving you, for being like him :D I dont mean the bald bit.... i mean the wind up merchant bit....


I love when you hug your father. It makes me all glowy inside.

he is NOT loving it at this moment