Why should I follow my conscience?  What is the point of such a rule? I take it that it is an answer to a moral question. For example, my grandmother is aged and has Alzheimer's, and  I am one of her POA's.  I do not know whether she has provided for me in her will because that was handled by another of my siblings. I know that I  I could easily persuade her to make a new will or technically I could have a new will drawn leaving everything to me but I wouldn't do that because I have a conscience.


My moral values won't allow me to step outside them and I follow my conscience:

  • That means I won't send you nude pictures no matter how much you beg.  I only share that side of me with one special person in my life.

  • I won't sleep with you if I don't love you.

  • I won't hurt an animal.

  • I refuse to attack the ones of you that attack me because again I was taught that it is not the right thing to do.

There are many other things that I wouldn't do because I follow my conscience through life but it doesn't make me a prude.  I can still rock your world if you are my man. lol

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