Conversation Between My Heart And My Brain

Brain: Well he seems to want what you want.
Heart: Oh, he's sexy! Love the way he makes me feel!
Brain: He seems stable and normal.
Heart: Oh! A picture, he is handsome! I can work with that. Yum!
Brain: It sounds too good to be true. Be careful.
Heart: Oh I love this feeling...I want more.
Brain: Something is wrong...too right. Hmmm?
Heart: Oh he misses me too! Yes!
Brain: God I miss him too, but maybe it's not in the way Im thinking.
Heart: Yes, I feel connected too. We are connected!
Brain: We are talking a lot...this is cool. Ok
Heart: Im thinking of you all the time!
Brain: I can see this being more. I like this feeling, its good for me.
Heart: You think Im sexy? Amazing? Wow...I love that! This feeling is awesome.
Brain: Maybe it's all a load of crap, too good to be true. Nobody talks to me like that.
Heart: Why would he say it if he didn't mean it. He wants more too. 
Brain: We seem to be saying the same things, and I like it. I like him. 
Heart: Take me! Take me! 
Brain: Maybe I should test the waters and see what he thinks.
Heart: He likes to see me, we have a good chemistry. Mmm, love him.
Brain: This guy really likes me, it's real, he likes to see me. 
Heart: Love you! Want more...feels so good! 
Brain: We are as close as can be. The time we talk is a lot. He chooses to.
Heart: Yes, yes, Yes!
Brain: Im happy and I like this relationship.
Heart: In a sweet love words....
Brain: Hmm, where is he? Busy. Ok
Heart: It's ok, miss him and support him.
Brain: Oh there he is, hey, yeah everything okay? Hmm, something's off. But ok. It's me...
Heart: I still love him and he makes me happy. So love him!
Brain: Warning, something is wrong. Or maybe it's just me? Yea...
Heart: Im scared, what's happening? I love him, where is he. What happened? I do love him...he does too. He says we are connected to closely.
Brain: I don't feel very connected lately...??? Im in a fog...
Heart: Im sad, what happened? I don't know, he's busy? Love him, miss him.
Brain: Everything is okay, you are making a big deal out of this. Stop.
Heart: Yes, he is just busy. I love him! We are so connected, he wants more too. Yes!
Brain: What the hell happened? Everything has changed.
Heart: So confused. What do I do with all I feel? Was I an idiot?
Brain: Was I an idiot? 
Heart: No, it's all written, it's all been spoken. He felt close too. 
Brain: Yes, yes he did, but what happened? 
Heart: I still love him. I will love him. What? What's that?
Brain: Friends? He says Im a friend? What the hell? Huh?
Heart: Friends? What! How? Im just a friend? Im sick...
Brain: Oh crap....
Heart: Distressed
Brain: Forget it all and go on...
Heart: I don't want to....
Brain: You will be fine. Nothing new. It's okay.
Heart: No it's not....
soulrunher soulrunher
46-50, F
5 Responses Feb 18, 2013

Been there, done that. You have nailed it. Great work!

Thanks for reading.

Look at how many people's feelings you captured there Soul! I so love when you put stuff like this out there that I, and apparently a lot of other peeps, have gone through or are going through. And you do it so creatively too. Honestly, best story I've ever read on EP! LOVE IT!

Awwww, you deserve something special for that comment! :)

Are you telepathic? You got into my head and pulled out all of my own thoughts.

No, I'm not. Thanks for reading it. Seems many have the same thoughts. Hugs!

Unfortunately I can't join this group because I followed the heart and put the brain in a box so I could ignore what it was telling me, lol.
Huggsss back!

Sometimes we all do that. :)

I'm beginning to see that. I thought I was the only one who was stupid enough to follow my heart, ignoring my brain and everyone else's warnings. The more time I spend on here, the more I see I am NOT alone.

No you aren't alone. But I'm starting to think its not we don't ignore the brain. I think we here it but the feelings of he heart are so much stronger. You just want to go with your feelings instead of thoughts...maybe.

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Wow! That is a very detailed dialog, it's very accurate,I've never thought of it that way. Good job Soulrunher! It's amazing how we communicate within ourselves.

Thank you :)

My head hurts. You are the hammer and you struck top dead center. BAMM!

Aww..hugs. :)