And Not Just A Gut Feeling.

I have to say from the beginning that I am completely unrealsitic at times about exactly how things "come about" in my life. But not in a gossipy, or conspiracy theory way. I'm just saying that i might break things down a little too far when it comes to archetypes, symbols, patterns, etc. And how i reach a decision, if you can really call it that, is definitely the result of a lot of casual links that I make of the particular settings and circumstances that just happen to be in front of me at the time. It is intuitive... which is often convenient, and many times, self-serving I'll have to admit. I'm the kind of guy who will move to Bear Creek because I used some honey from one of those "Sue Bee" bottles for my tea at a diner one morning.

This takes me back to my hitchhiking days. Decisions were made on the fly, some good, some bad. Beyond intuition, more of a "fight or flight" thing. And we would say stuff like Jah will... or that's how the four winds blow today. (Although I think that expression should only be used in Colorado, but that's a whole different story.)

Not that I am ill adept at rational, methodical, decision-making. Quite the contrary. Heck I was a State Forensics Champion my Senior year: "Best Speaker in Team - Oxford or "Oregon Style"Debate, as we called it on the left coast . But then again, that involved painting statistics with a broad brush, as well, at times.

But on the precise subject at hand, I'll conclude by offering, whenever I don't follow my intuition. Something really crappy usually happens. So why should the Fool in me start looking behind now? I'd much rather gaze at the sunset, sort of "sensing" there's a cliff a couple feet back, then actually turn around and see how close I am to the edge.

Hmmm. Great experience group!
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huh.... too wild! i just post a comment on seeing 4:44 most days.(recieving inspiring messages group)... now here you are at 4:44, a title I follow my intuition... too cool!<br />
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i have went where the wind blows too. matter of fact, one of my quotes on another blog site is... "dust in the wind", a great song and yup... nothing lasts forever! *smile* <br />
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nice read, have a good day! take care