I Follow My Gut...

I believe in the power of intuition...the gut feeling. I think it can tell us a lot if we choose to listen. I get gut feelings all the time...most the time I'm right. I've learned to trust the voice inside...that stabbing feeling. 

Intuition can be a powerful tool at your disposal. Now...you can't always go on intuition in every situation...I'm well aware of that, but I think it can definitely help you. Help you to gage the situation....get a vibe. If something doesn't feel right...chances are...it's not. So, I'll continue to follow my intuition...it hasn't failed me so far. =^_^=

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I totally understand what you're saying. But sometimes its so hard to know when your intuition is trying to get through to you. The mind gets so noisy or emotions gets overwhelmed at times due to the stresses of trying to make a living. Am curious to know what's your technique in connecting to your intuition when you are in such a situation?

Awww...poor Chaos...your intuition was right on!! I bet they were sorry they didn't listen to you! :D<br />
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Yeah....fascade...I hear what you're saying....I guess most things in life can be explained scientifically, the process can be explained but sometimes not the why. And you're right...sometimes you just can't really tell. :) All we can do is try our best!!! =^_^=

Feelings and emotions can be explained scientifically. A synapse firing here, a little less seratonin there. Did you know that deja vu has a scientific, chemical explanation? No different than an apple ripening in the sun. A doctor can plug a wire up to your brain and at the flick of a switch, you will see "the light in the tunnel".<br />
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I'm not saying there's not "something special" about intuition. I agree completely with what you're saying. I'm just saying that sometimes you just can't tell.

reminds me of how my friends and I were going to lunch and it felt like we should eat inside. So I told one of my friends let's eat inside but he said no since it was nice and cool outside. <br />
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Once our food came we were talking when this guy came up to us and asked us if we had any cigaretts. We said no, then he starts talking about God.<br />
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The only time I wished my friends and I listened to my intuition. I haven't heard it since

Hmmmm....interesting....could be. DHG....you're sooooo deep!! =^_^=

well, maybe,....but after years, i would've found out or realized, unless i'm feeling soemone else's gut feeling, and not mine!

Maybe there IS something wrong and you just don't know it......huh???? :P

Well experts say women have better intuition than men, they have that 6th sense, I dont' think i have it, as when i get a gut feeling sometimes ther'es nothing wrong!