Religion Does More Harm To The Society.

In Hinduism people believe that babies are born in a womb based on their previous Karmas. It appears as just a stupid statement for people who do not believe in religion. But look at it how deep it has harmed the society, if some one is born to a downtrodden, that person is deprived of good education and hence all subsequent opportunities. Now at least few rationale thinkers exists, earlier the so called affluent became thick skinned by saying that "those children" of deprived have to suffer based on the deeds done in their previous births. Actually the caste into which the child is born is decided by the one's Karma in previous birth. This was created to support inheritance of "National wealth" enjoyed by few only with their progeny. Religion also created fear hence the less deprived were brainwashed and conditioned for centuries not to question those elite and their progeny who enjoyed the wealth of the Nation without any questioning. Even today in many families, even though they appear westernized by the gadgets they use, the language they speak and the Lifestyle they are used to. But the fact of the matter is "mindset" is more or less the same. They still believe that "Upper castes" rightfully deserve better deals than lower castes. British who ruled India were very cunning they "identified" Brahmins as intellectuals and Kshatriyas as "brave" when compared to others just to create a divide. But the so called elite have a belief that they are really above others and that is why the British recognized them. Even after 60 years after the Independence of India many are still bound by the same belief system, there is no change in their mindsets.
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1 Response Jul 29, 2013

I think you summarized very well with the "mindset". It seems to be that way with all organized religions, they are so tunnel visioned into their particular faith that they just do not use their God given brain to view reality and humanity.