Nyaa? O_o

There are so many Japanese emoticons for net-expression. I've been using them, since age 15. They are more expressive than our english ones: :-). :-D, :-p, and so on... Oh, so I think so! ^_-



Unlike the english emoticons, you read Japanese ones without turning your head to the side. The arched eyes ( ^ ), are an anime expression. Much like this photo:

So... this translates into: ^_^  ....or.... ^o^  (line is mouth and "o" is open mouth)

Here are some the basics that I enjoy and use (and their meanings):

^_^ - Happy, Smile

^o^ - Happy/Cheering, Excited

u_u - Sad, Mournful (eyes are lowered)

>_> - Looking to the side, often stands for "Whatever!"

-_- - Eyes closed, silent or sleeping

o_O - Eyebrows raised, often stands for "WHAT???"

O_O - Shocked

@_@ - Dizzy

*_* - Awestruck or Lovestruck

 Also adding an: ; next to an emoticon means the anime "teardrop" or "sweatdrop"... which can mean nervousness or annoyance, depending on the content. For example, responding to something your friend said that's stupid or weird with: ;^_^ ...Or when confessing something that's stupid or weird too.

There is also another face:

But... EP takes off the other bracket for some reason leaving to look like this: >_  ... So, I have to substitute it with: >_o

Then, after a while of using emoticons, people tend to make up their own. I have done the same thing. Here is one of my made up ones:

 >_o/////// -AHHHHHHHH! Waving arms, frantically.

And some are used with: ( ... as they open the world to more expressive emoticons like this one:

<(^_^;) - rubbing head, Nervous

o(^o^)o -Cheering and throwing hands in the air

(^_^)V - for "Victory"

Well... that's all I wish to share. =p



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Coolies! ^_^<br />
I thought to write this one, as I have went back to my Japanese emoticon roots, lately. I don't much feel like using the English icons like: :-)<br />
Even though, they take less time to type out. ;^_^<br />
But, I enjoy the Japanese emoticons... they're more expressive! ^_~<br />
<br />
And my favorite laughter is the evil one... Muhahahahahahaha! XD

Thanks, Belinda! ^_^

Great story!<br />
<br />

Coolies, MoonRei! ^o^

one of my "made up" ones is ,,V (^_^) V,, (double peace sign!...and showing the knuckles of the other fingers!!! o.o

Wait!!! Stop my baby!!! My god!!! O_O<br />
She can wonder the streets alone!!! She's just a child! u_u<br />
HELP!!! >_o

Im leaving, leave me a lone , i'm no baby...BYE!! trhows pacifier on floor!

Wow! Fussy today! O_O<br />
*puts pacifier in Sm00thie's mouth and flips the switch to vibrate* XD

StOP it i'm no baby!

*gives Sm00thie an bottle* Shh-shh-shh... calm down, baby. =p

eh! he's useless. i dont' see the point :P ble

Yeah... but he's still cute! XD

he's useless!

because... he's cute! ^_^

Why jigglypuff???? why the hell di you use jiggly puff o_0 0o o0 0o o0 0o