Yule And Christmas

Every year, there is a battle that wages between those of us who celibrate Yule and those who celibrate Christmas.  Many times I have seen emails, letters, buttons, etc. that state "Jesus is the reason for the season."  All I can say to this statement is, "Perhaps for you it is, and I am glad you are in touch with your beliefs."

My only problem with statements such as these is this;  They usually come from argumentative people who know my beliefs and are pushing theirs onto me.  Most Wiccans do not have a problem with sayings like "Merry Christmas" as we are quite acustomed to understanding and respecting others beliefs, and instead of replying with "Happy Yule", we generally reply with an echo of the sentamint or with "Happy Holidays". 

Why then, I ask, do we recieve such messages?  Holloween is also a holiday that is brought up.  Perhaps it is the simularities and interpretations that bother our Christian brethren.  Our tree's are almost identical, lights, decorations, yet our interpretations of those things are vastly different.  These two holidays are almost twins, though a few days apart. 

Please, I ask you, why?  And to our Christian brethren, I ask you;  What does the Christmas tree represent to you? This is not a sarcastic question, it is an honest question I would love to know, and in return, I will share my view of the Christmas/Yule tree...

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SudPcy,<br />
Thank you. All the love and grace of Jesus to you this Christmas and forever!

The christmas tree means nothing! It is only a symbol. <br />
The lights reminds us of Jesus who came to earth as the savior - He is the Light of the world.<br />
The presents reminds us that Jesus gave His life as the biggest present, so that all who believes in<br />
Him will receive the eternal life with Him, as a present. That's all.

Thank you all for your comments. I can understand why some would think that my asking your meaning of your Christmas tree was sarcastic, but I can honestly tell you it was not meant to be. I am merely a curious person.<br />
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I can agree that Christmas/Yule is a lot of fun. I grew up with Christmas. Not as a religious holiday, but as a holiday about family being together and the joy of surprises and the thought within the gift. It was not until I was older that I attached any religion to it. <br />
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Thank you again for your comments. And to SuddenlyPsychotik: May he be with you as well.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

It's a custom. <br />
It's something we do in our homes to create a pleasant setting for the holiday.<br />
<br />
Why should it represent something more than that?<br />
<br />
Not every house with a Christmas tree is Christian.<br />
The Japanese, for instance, have adopted Santa and the tree because they are fun ways for humans to interact. For us non-religious celebrators of Christmas, there need be no dogma attached to it, it is fun. We enjoy giving and receiving presents. So while the Catholics and the Wiccans have their fanciful religious ceremonies, us normal folks just celebrate Christmas without even worrying about Jesus or the Moon Goddess. While you claim a lack of sarcasm, I detect a tongue in your cheek, what with asking what the tree means and all that<br />
<br />
<br />
"And Tommy doesn't know what day it is<br />
he doesn't know who Jesus was or what praying is...<br />
How can he be saved, from the eternal grave?"

People don't respect Wicca because they think you are just doing it for attention. And they are probably right.