Faerie follows it around whenever I see it. 

He could be very mysterious and seems to go about his own way. Most often I have to pause and think what he's up to. By the time I get to realize what it is, he's long gone again. 

He could be very elusive and seems to jut here and there. A moment of closing one's eyes can make you lose him all over again. I need to be aware, using all my senses to keep up.

He could be very tricky and cunning. I often get misled into different rabbit holes hoping he would be there. Though what I discover in those holes are probably what I need to understand. He does such things unintentionally.

Lately, he seems to be nowhere.
All I can hear is the tick-tock of his pocket watch and know he is late. *taps faeriefoot*
And faerie is left thinking... is this another omen to another rabbit hole?

Sylphy Sylphy
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5 Responses Mar 22, 2012

The falling is that charge inside you that speaks both fear and excitement. There's only one way to know the unknown... kinda like amazingly amazing *giggles*...<br />
<br />
You wouldn't have known how amazing she is if you did not let yourself fall to the amazement. Not all can be pretty amazing holes though when you look at it at the top. Yet mostly are blessings in disguise that The White Rabbit has cleverly worked on. And it's amazing to discover the blessings after unfolding the disguise.

I don't blame anyone for scratching their heads after reading this *giggles*... but Hike... you know what I'm sayin'... *grabs that cookie*

Yup! You got it dead on! *claps for Search* =)<br />
Took faerie forever to realize this... so now, I bounce around tracking his trail to wherever rabbit holes he goes to. =)

Toi,<br />
Ford,<br />
Hike,<br />
... thank you kindly for your comments. =)

I always say, follow whatever rabbit hole is presented! It may not be the one you're meant to go down, but they all hold adventure for the willing. And if you should happen to run into the Hatter, tell him I said olleH ;-)

I don;t really mind the rabbit holes now, Ford. Somehow you do see something beyond the murkiness of the holes. At times they could really keep faerie pull her hair harder... but faerie does look good even with unruly hair. ;p

Lol.. "off without his head"!

Haha... yes, I wuldn't really want a headless white rabbit... where would he lead me then? =)