Viva Espana ! Viva De Copa Mundial !!

There were amazing plays and amazing stories and glorious moments. What a month of soccer.

See you in Brasil 2014 !!!!!
EveOfEden EveOfEden
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They did all seem to enjoy it, and there were a lot more travellers than some anticipated. A great month, indeed.

That was one of the best months in the history of South Africa!

It was a good month! Lots of memorable moments. So glad my boys went all the way!!! I'm really sad its over now. Can't wait until 2014. Hard to believe I will be 26 years old next time the World Cup comes around, seems like the very distant future.

Eve: I know you were rooting for Spain, so I'm happy for you.<br />
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It's hard to believe it won't happen again for four years. What a long effort to appear ever so briefly. No wonder there's such magic in it all.

Quite the experience. Hope we hear good stories about the people of South Africa in the months and years to come, not bad stories that get linked to hosting the event.<br />
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Congrats to Spain