What Are The Most Important Issues Facing Women Today?

What are the most important issues facing women today?
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how can you help them?

how can you help them?

Globally the same as always: equality, defense, choice.<br />
For the near future in the developed world, especially the religiously bent US, abortion and the right to not give birth in a horrible world and time.<br />
Since most of the states exercise the viability of the fetus if it were birthed as the regulatory agent for abortion, soon women will be forced to carry all blastocysts to viability in an artificial womb. Their bodies will be ripped, torn, and drained with unwanted and unhealthy children, subjected to unnecessary surgical procedures, etc, just because they are viable without a recognised risk to the woman.<br />
Birth is always a risk to a woman's health: prolapsis of uterus, life threatening hemorhoids, osteoporosis, brain damage, nutritional dysfunctions, teeth rot, post partum blues depression and syndrome, degeneration of tissues organs eyes nerves and more due to the drain on their nutrtion of the fetus forming--malnutrition with all of its life long problems. Many women have died from the pain, gone insane from the pain, or died from other complications of childbirth.<br />
Soon, in the US, women will be forced into wards to be brought to term of viability on all conceptions--if the laws regarding abortion do not clearly allow them the right to not have children.<br />
Women everywhere will be committing suicide, attempting to kill their offspring, and plotting to become terrorists because rights they thought they were born with will be taken away from them.<br />
Society will fail because of all the deformities and unwanted misfits.

In some part of the world, women are still not receivingas much education as males do. They were also not allowed to hold any political high position because those are for the males.

I wish to see more sisterhood + solidarity among women because there are lots of important issues facing women today.


In my humble opinion: domestic violence tops them all; then violence perpetrated against our children followed by economic issues which challenge our quality of living and finally health issues such as depression, fibroids, cancer, diabetes, hypertension.

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Equality...in all aspects of society and cultures around the world.

For married the most important issue is having a man and for unmarried most important issue is not having a man.

Self Love!

Self Love!

Self Love

With all the advances women have made in western countries, we still have to learn how to be more supportive of each other!<br /><br />The problems that women face today are the same that we have faced for hundreds of years, the difference is that now we have the power to do something about it, but until we learn to support each other many

Rejection,betrayal of their partners

1) Violence against women<br />2) Equal job opportunities/pay<br />3) Health care<br />4) Poverty

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domestic violence


acceptance of the things that some people are madness - but is just individualism.........

to survive phycial abuse,rape and insest of young girls,teens even mothers,here in my country it a big thìng i bet its happen worldwide

to survive phycial abuse,rape and insest of young girls,teens even mothers,here in my country it a big thìng i bet its happen worldwide

Glass ceiling.

Obsessing over celebrity glamour and beauty.

women are still not paid equally for the same work done by males. This happened in my town and went all the way to the Supreme Court in DC.