Borrowing Money

In August,1969 when I moved into my newly constructed house, I had no money to buy groceries and run my car until I giot my first paycheck of the semester. I was teaching at East Stroudsburg StateCollege, I borrowed $200 from the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union for two weeks to tide me over. THat was the last time I had to borrow money from anyone!
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Thank you so much for your contributions I have 86.00 left on an old credit card account that I closed and that is the llast of the credit cards I hope I did accept a little credit and now am in trouble again This is it I am tired of giving my money to a bank for nothing in return except for things that I did not need in the first place Also letting people lend me money to tide me over until the next month because I spent too much on my disability check Done with that also Thanks again I am inspired nt to just spend what I have and try to keep saving with what is left some things I just do not need

I don't borrow money anymore. In the past I have been in debt up to my neck. I'm almost out of debt. I only have about 5,000 more dollars and I will be out of debt. The last time I borrowed money was for a car, and that was two years ago.

I got into the habit of borrowing money every month for years I moved and did the same thing I moved this last time and the first thing I did was borrow money It turned into a mess I decided to do without and go back to my normal self dont ask for anything if I cant do it get it find it it just doesnt get done I have not borrowed money for over a year and a half and feel so much better bcause of it <br />
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My sister goes to pawn shops and borrows money then the next month you have less I only have one line of credit for electronic deals if I need my music or computer it is a small line of credit I am finally paying off a credit card bill have it down 3/4 of what it was last year and hope to pay it off entirely this year overdraft protection but no more than i can pay in a month and not feel it I am financially becoming more stable and not spending so much so I dont have to borrow anymore Thank God that part of my life is over it almost killed me when I saw all of my values going down the drain I have my pride in myself back my self respect If iI run out of cigarettes oh well I dont smoke lol