San Diego Homeless: Operation Brown Bag

I have had one fear that continues to stand out for me my entire life: Being homeless. As millions lose their jobs and their homes, all I can think about is what it must be like to be in their shoes, or for some, bare feet.

My friends and I discussed that although there are homeless ministries and small groups everywhere, it's nearly impossible to get a large group of community members to care about their own resident homeless community on a regular basis. I've found that on a large scale, people's desire to help is often more like lightning: one brillian flash, then it's gone.

So we decided to try something, right here in San Diego. We are going to try to make an annual day of giving that brings all those brilliant flashes together to create a storm of giving.

We grabbed a local church to help us on our path. The Rock Church is teaming up with us to attempt to initiate the largest homeless outreach possible. On Saturday April 23rd, we will host a hot luncheon for all those in need, and truck street teams to the different communities across the Greater San Diego area with care packages and food.

We're having such a hard time gathering donations both material and monetary to let us gather enough goods to supply all of San Diego.
I even tried to make a Brown Bag website:

Can Twitcause help? If we can't get people to care where there's no weather conflicts or political turmoil to distract them, I fear we're all but lost.
xtinaphotog xtinaphotog
Feb 5, 2011