Joys Of Music Participation

After High School I had singing lessons.  The voice teacher brought out a good singing voice and gave me exercises to do.   Gradually I got more involved with singing.   I sang in every school that I attended except the trade schools as they did not have singing groups.  I liked to sing in college choruses.   I sang as a soloist for my church many times when they were holding services in prisons and jails.   I really did get started doing solos for a "captive audience."   Later I was able to join a theater group in Waltham,  Mass. and had many exciting experiences being part of the ensemble singers for musicals.  I met many people while participating in community theater groups.   My first community theater group solo was in Deerfield,  Illinois as far as I can recall with a group called "Theater in the Rough."   I do not think that they are still around.   My solo was singing "Monster Mash."   My  voice teacher was a man at that time and he was also in the show.   The solo went well though I would have to look up many of the words if I needed to do it again some 22 years later.   In Massachusetts  I have sung with a men's glee club called the "Highland Glee club."   So far I am taking a break this term.   We have a video clip on U Tube thanks to the expertise of one member's daughter with computers.   I spent a number of years with the Air National Guard band in  Massachusetts holding down the last chair in the section but it was a great experience.   The military band is probably one of the nicest jobs the military has to offer.   It is demanding and challenging but it sure beats combat and the skills are readily applied in non military settings.   I got a two year degree in liberal arts in 1971 at Kendall College in Evanston, Illinois.  The school has grown and is now in Chicago and specializes in aspects of food preparation.   I worked with music there and wanted to be an elementary ed teacher.   The need to play the piano better made me feel that I needed a different vocation but I really love music.  I have  to work at acquiring an appreciation of some of the recent styles.   Music has brought all kinds of good experiences to me.   Stuart Milne
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Feb 20, 2011