Borrow Money

since 2005 i have lost every thing i ever worked for after kidney and pancreas transplant ,ok i am alive and with my wife and kids but if i die now my wife has not even got money for my funeral,not even £100.00 train fair to go back to her family and mum 100 miles up the road ,how sad is that i use to teach motor mechanics at college and had to give that up because i could wait till end of month for wages ,i had no petrol money .nearly 6 years down the line i have not 5 quid to my name ,and you when i tell you i am indian,you will not believe me yes not 1 person even asked me if i needed money help,they all watch my life flush down the toilet and i must have over 1000 friends and family its disgusting all they care about is money,THERE ARE TIMES THAT I WANT TO SHOOT THE LOT OF THEM THEY ALL WALKED AWAY ,BUT GOD IS THE BIGGEST JUDGE SO THE WILL ANSWER TO HIM ,I STILL BORROW MONEY FROM LOAN SHARKS TO GET BY I HOPE THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ANYONE ELSE SO IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO IS GOING INTO HOSPITAL FOR A SERIOUS ILLNESS DO THE RIGHT THING AND CHIP IN TOGETHER AND HELP GIVE HIM OR HER SOME CASH SURELY YOU FRIEND OR FAMILY IS WORTH MORE THAN 200 OR 300 QUID I AM SURE YOU WILL GET IT BACH WHEN THEY ARE BETTER ALL I HAVE TO SAY TO THOSE 90% OF INDIANS SHAME ON YOU AND TRY GOING TO A CHURCH WHERE YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING AND HAVE THE FEAR OF GOD SHAME ON YOU ,I AM NOT PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN EVEN THOUGH I WAS BORN HERE RULE BRITANIA GOD BLESS THE QUEEN THE END
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Jul 7, 2011