Gave Me Something To Identify With That Was Uniquely Mine

from the time i was a small child, i loved listening to music; i would spend hours as a very young boy listening to my sisters' 45s, from the 50s, while they danced around in their poodle skirts, saddle oxfords, and their pony tails bounced; i just wanted to listen to the music, which i did alone for hours at a time, mainly elvis, but also fats domino, jerry lee lewis, carl perkins, roy orbison and many others; it was an experience all my own

the love of music stayed with me, and erupted in my teens as a major focus of my individuation experience, again giving me an experience i felt was uniquely mine, something i could point to and know i could identify with it

my interest from then and since has been to find those acts of creativity on the edge of the mainstream that grab me, my head or my heart
lawyerbyday lawyerbyday
56-60, M
Aug 20, 2011