My Recent Loans

Omg where do I begin? My most recent loan was to get a new washer. Before that was to pay property taxes on my house and before that was to buy Christmas gifts for my kids we live paycheck to paycheck so saving we haven't done. We are completely broke right now we already know checks are going to bounce before payday so we've vowed to limit unnecessary spending and do a budget

anyone have advice on making a budget?? Thanks!
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my loans are actually from friends, family and work. work is taking out of my check $400 a month and I owe family $500 and a friend $600. luckily i know better than to go to those payday loan places i couldn't afford the interest. i am paying my friends/family back some each payday and by cleaning house but it's just very overwhelming to owe so much and my work taking so much out when the bills are still there whether i get paid or not. also, my hubby and i are poor budgeters. i tried to start at the first of march but got behind now i don't know where we stand. we stay so busy with our 2 kids and other activities that i allow myself to get behind. the collection calls i get are for medical bills which i pay last because right now food shelter and utilities come first. i will pay them eventually i always pay my debts. i hate it when they call me at work though it's embarassing. i just tell them straight up i don't have it right now. thanks for your great advice! i really appreciate it.

find a financial counselor, a credit counselor FAST - call your bank and work with them. If by loans you are talking payday loans call your state banking commisson and talk to them about the loans. don't get intimadated when the collectors call and don't fall for any of the scams they try to tell you. There is help out there but it will take a lot of work on your part. Good Luck