My Story Is One Long Experience

I am 57 years old; I live alone in Memphis, Tennessee, and nothing about my life is like what I expected or wanted. 

Where do I begin? I'll begin with the present.  I am somewhat reluctant to admit that I am unhappy and, in fact, unable to enjoy myself.  I am attracted to women, but when I get into a relationship with them I feel even more alone and lost.  At least I've learned not to stay in them, but it's hard, because I wish I could connect, but I cannot.  I was in a marriage for 24 years, having awaken on my honeymoon with a deep sense of dread and regret, and yet I stayed in it.  I know, right?  Not sure what it tells you, but it tells you something. 

[more later; this bores me]

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I like u to be my friend,will u like to be?

your prejudice is showing, and you need to recalibrate your gaydar; besides that's a very insensitive thing to write on someone's post on this site not knowing anything more about me than what i wrote, which says nothing about same sex attraction; for your information, i've been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a spectrum disorder associated with schizophrenia