Introducing Twitcause - Helping Nonprofits Get Supported On Twitter

TwitCause ( helps nonprofits get discovered on Twitter and enables passionate people to support the causes they care about. TwitCause marries the distribution of Twitter with the deep emotional connection of Experience Project.

Every Thursday the TwitCause account ( tweets an update that highlights that week's "TwitCause:" A nonprofit account on Twitter and the cause it stands for.

Followers show their support by retweeting the message – the more the message gets retweeted, the more people discover and follow the nonprofit and support it by driving further awareness or making a contribution. The TwitCause home page acts as a hub to track in real time how many people are supporting the current TwitCause and the impact they've had.

TwitCause will launch on Thursday, August 6th, with The V Foundation for Cancer Research as its launch partner. The V Foundation distributes 100% of donations directly to cancer research, and will be hosting its Wine Celebration fundraiser and auction on August 7th and 8th.

Following the TwitCause launch, followers will be able to nominate and vote on nonprofits and causes that they would like to see as future TwitCauses. Businesses and brands on Twitter will also have an opportunity to become TwitCause sponsors – matching tweets with dollars in support of a cause that they and their customers care about.

Here's how you can help:

1. Follow @TwitCause on Twitter (

2. Help build the pre-launch buzz on Wednesday by tweeting: "Getting ready for tomorrow's launch of @TwitCause in support of @TheVFoundation. Follow @TwitCause to make a difference."

3. Participate in Thursday's launch by tweeting: "I support funding for cancer research. Follow @TheVFoundation and retweet. Via @TwitCause"


100% of all donations go straight to the featured nonprofit cause and neither Experience Project (nor TwitCause) keeps any portion of the proceeds.

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I support @shop4cause. Its definitely a great initiative.

Hello! I love this idea :)<br />
Please text 105047 to 73774 to help me compete for a $25,000 grant for the ALS Association of DC/MD/VA. I really need everyone's help! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am a brand new member joined a while ago and I just hope that this place is a better platform to the journey of real financial freedom.

this is easy and very meaningful. definitely giving it a go.

Cool idea

I just joined! This is a great idea! I nominate Have A Heart, Inc a South Florida Canine Rescue!! We are working hard to save death row dogs wtih heartwom disease and give them the treatment they need for a second chance at life. Education about this preventable but deadly disease is needed. This is our #Twitcause

I promised my 12 year old daughter Aimee before she died that I would do everything possible to bring awareness about DIPG brain tumors and all Childhood Cancer to the forefront. So, no parent will ever have to hear the words "Your child has cancer and there is NOTHING we can do" Aimee's Army is a 501 c3 non profit set-up to educate the community about childhood cancer, support childhood cancer families facing this ugly disease, and fund research in the hopes of one day finding a cure. to read her story,

I am a new member (as of 5 min ago). I joined with the hope of getting the word out about "Art Relief." It is a student-organized, nonprofit, art show fundraiser. The focal point of Art Relief is to exhibit and sale local-original art to raise money for the victims of Haiti.<br />
The students organizing Art Relief are working extremely hard. <br />
-Come check it out:<br />
Facebook:<br />
-Fallow Them:

I just joined TwitCause in hope of finding more followers for the wonderful organization where I work -- an international nonprofit that helps AIDS orphans around the world. @FXBUSA

i care about helping and i would like really to involve in twittercause inorder to help others.after all we should stand hand by hand.

I support the humane society. I have three dogs and a cat who I love to death.

Spread the word marketing at its best!

I follow @americancancer and would like to see them as a featured TwitCause! Awesome idea!!

Thanks for sharing, will definitely participate