A Hell of An Experience!!!

i am simply a teen that been through hell.i saw death and lived again.i commited suicide and did hurt myself badly.because of all the stress i had to go through and having no one next me to support and care i did a stupid action and took a huge amount of pills that almost got to me hospital.i started to shake in a freaky way and i kept on throwing up all 3 days.i sucks.i hated everything and i really thought that im gonna die cuz i bearly could breathe.but i believe in God and in my ability and that was enough for me to live another day and acuall wanting to give this life another shot cuz i learned that life is a hell of amayzing ride that im not gonna waste for really willing to help any teen been through difficulties or facing one these days.ull find me at twitter "fafitalicious" contact me and you wont regret it!!

fafitalicious fafitalicious 18-21, F 4 Responses Oct 1, 2009

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thanks u so get me.....i really learned after that incident so much about life and i felt so stupid that i was gonna miss everything and yes life sometimes get tuff with us but u know thats life but we gotta learn from in someway or another...i dont anyone to remember me as the one who killed herself!thanks for ur comment i appreciate!!!

That's OK. You were lucky. Although life can be tough, it is worth persevering with it, especially when you are young and have so much to live for - although we all have times when it does not seem like that.

oh my god ur serious!!!im stunned.guess im lucky .

really thanks for telling me this u really touched me and tought me a lesson...thanks isnt enough :)

I am so glad you failed. There was a terrible story, somewhere on EP, about someone who took an overdose of pills which destroyed his liver. He wished to live, but it was too late and had to spend a few days in mental and physical pain as his body shut down and his relatives wept around his bedside.

I am sure you have a lot to live for, so hang on in there.