Support The Cause - Ep Launches Way To Support Causes

As many of you know, a few months back EP launched TwitCause ( in order to allow passionate people support the causes they cared about using Twitter. Our goal with TwitCause was to use the reach of Twitter to drive awareness of important causes to millions of people, and then to enable those people to form deep meaningful relationships with those causes, and its supporters, through Experience Project. To date, we've supported dozens of causes (, and reached tens of millions of people with their messages. We've also partnered with socially conscious brands in order to raise tens of thousands of dollars through sponsored tweet-a-thons. We're really thankful for all your support, and want you to know that together we've made a real difference in the world.

Today, I'm proud to say that EP is taking what we started with TwitCause and blowing that out to a whole new level. We hope that EP Causes provides members with an ability to discover, get involved, and support causes they care about. At the same time, we aim to provide nonprofits with a powerful platform to foster a community, share valuable resources and information, and enable supporters to share powerful stories that bring the importance of each organization to the forefront of the conversation.

EP Causes will enable anyone to create a powerful community that supports a cause on top of EP's Experience Groups framework. This includes the ability for members to join the group, share stories, have discussions in a forum, share links and resources (including videos and pictures), ask and answer relevant questions, create polls, and much more.

With the advent of EP Causes we will also be aligning the weekly Featured Cause from TwitCause with a Featured Cause on all of Experience Project. You'll still be able to nominate and vote for causes you care about, but we'll take the selection process to another level - with multiple things you can do to support a cause that you want to be featured.

Once selected, the Featured Cause will be supported on Twitter through the TwitCause account ( where we'll disseminate the cause's message to millions of people through our own followers and through our TwitCause Stars (the thousands of folks that commit to tweeting out a message of support once a week). Additionally, the Featured Cause will be featured throughout EP through a Featured Cause module that will be shown throughout the site. That module will not only provide you with ways to show your support ("hearting" the cause to say you care, joining the group, and making a direct donation), but it'll also present you with a question aimed at building a connection with that cause. You can answer the question right on that module as well as view all the other answers.

As usual, we'll continue to work with socially conscious brands that are looking to sponsor causes. 100% of brand donations go towards the nonprofit cause. If you are interested in sponsoring a nonprofit cause, please contact us.

Please send us any feedback and questions on this new effort. We'd love to keep improving it and continue to make a difference together!

EPJulio EPJulio
26-30, M
Mar 11, 2010