How To Be The Featured Cause Of The Week

We recently announced the launch of EP Causes as an evolution of our TwitCause features. You can read all about it here: EP Link

One new element we are including here are more ways to show support for the causes you care about and help them get nominated. In the past, our nomination and voting process for the weekly TwitCause was largely based on tweeting out your vote. We would then look at those causes with the most votes and pick the weekly TwitCause among the top 20 (we included the human element to ensure a good mix across different cause types - health, education, poverty, etc. - as well as sizes and geography). We have also tried to featured sponsored tweet-a-thons when possible, and taken that fundraising potential into account when selecting the weekly TwitCause.

The new EP Cause format is based on a point system, where you can earn points for your favorite cause through various actions. Then, we look at those causes with the most points and pick the week's Featured Cause amongst the top ones. 

Here's how the point system works:

+1 point is earned for each person that "hearts" a Cause (simply by clicking on the heart icon on the cause's page)

+4 points are earned for each person that joins the Cause's group ("I Support...")

+4 points are earned for each tweet sent out voting for that cause (you have to do that by clicking on "Tweet" on that cause's page, which then sends out a tweet from your Twitter account)

+8 points earned for each story that's shared in that Cause's Group. The goal fo the stories are to show why this cause matters, so please share your real life experience on why you support the cause.

The total points earned by a given cause will be shown on that Cause's Group page.

As usual, please share any and all feedback as well as send us your questions. We're looking to always improve this system with your input!

EPJulio EPJulio
26-30, M
Mar 11, 2010